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About So Much Light

Hi! I'm Damien Verrett aka So Much Light. Music has been a passion of mine my whole life. I'm grateful to have been given so many opportunities to share my songs with people over nearly a decade of touring and recording in various projects. As an independent musician, Patreon allows me a unique opportunity to connect with fans on a deeper level by creating community and sharing my creative process.

My other passion is EDUCATION! I grew up loving shows like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Bill Nye and Zoboomafoo, shows with the sole purpose of helping the viewer to learn something new about the world and themselves.

Sample Safari is my way of giving back some of the knowledge I've gleaned as a producer and touring musician through the years. My goal is to help musicians all over the world self-actualize by providing unique collections of sounds while revealing the behind-the-scenes process of their creation. Thanks for going on this journey with me! Now let's make some tuuuuuneesss!!!
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When I reach $100 per month I'll start doing a monthly live stream where I ask my viewers for 3 topics to guide my sampling. Then, I'll build a track from start to finish using their suggestions. One more thing, this all happens with SIXTY MINUTES on the clock. This will be a fun way to share some work flow + shortcut secrets :]

(btw this will be free to view for non-patrons!)
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