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Every Patron will also be invited to all events before any other invitations go out and get sneak previews and exclusive information for all projects. You'll have access to behind the scenes build videos that previously were only available to our crew.

If bizarre is something you value, you've come to the right place. Thing can get very weird around here. 

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Every $20 or more patron will receive (in addition to the invitations and exclusives all patrons get) an Instant Inspiration from one of our muses that may include a video or photo so you can, you know, consider the source. Your muse will answer any question you ask in either a helpful or entertaining way - their choice, though I hear they can be bribed with gifts.
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Every amazing patron who gives $100 a month will receive, in addition to all the invitations and exclusives and the monthly Instant Inspiration, your choice of an oil painting at the end of one year of patronage. I've challenged myself to painting one oil painting a month for the next twelve months. I'll be posting links to them here on Patreon and in order of signing on, patrons who give $100 or more a month for a year will have their choice of the available paintings. 

I'm not expecting this level of patronage, but if you have a bunch of money to throw around and would like to see me dance like a monkey - I'll throw that in for the first $100 monthly pledge as well. Hey, it's not the first time. 

Thanks again everyone for all your past, present and future support of all kinds.




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About Sondra Carr

Over the years, I've created projects like :

It Wouldn't Be Make-Believe @ ARTEL
Clarendon Hotel in downtown Phoenix is an amazing mid-century hotel that has updated its facilities and is host to one of the best restaurants in Phoenix, as well as my favorite spot for sangria on a hot Arizona summer day. They host an event twice a year called ARTEL, in which 20 rooms and other spots in the hotel are given over to installation artists who are given free reign (within reason) to transform the room - we filled the entire room with strips of newsprint floor to ceiling and participants explored the space with delight and sometimes fear, as this article pointed out:

Facing Our Fears: 
a mountain of faces that participants can climb to enter into the project and become one of the many faces,

Glance Floor:
An interactive sculpture including a dance floor with video of people underneath making lewd gestures to the dancers above, as well as the Phone Sex Booths that allowed a peek into the life of a voyeur from the voyeur's perspective.

Abundance Tree: 
A gifting tree made by weaving together limbs of felled trees to make a small room in which people can interact and branches to hang items to give as gifts. When left up long enough, the abundance of items creates a sort of odd magical serendipity between the items and the needs of those interacting with it. 

Events such as

Belly of the Whale:
a monthly artists exploration that included experiments in percussion, poetry, improv games, psychic navigation and sneaking abstract.

Stone Soup Salons:
a monthly gathering in which participants brought one item to add to a "Stone Soup" and one item of creation to share with the group that matched a selected theme for the evening. 

Brain Hacking - Wide Open Weekend retreat:
a one time event (that will likely become a yearly event) in which attendees brought diverse "brain hacking' devices as wide ranging as binaural beats installation, a trans-cranial electrical stimulation machine, a dream machine, narrative experiment, and a sensory deprivation tank and explored all the various ways to break your brain and put it back together again.

McMuses Instant Inspiration:
a monthly micro-patronage project that seeks to bring together artists working in ways  that are difficult to fund and the patrons most likely to appreciate their works. In fact, my research for that event is what led me here, by the wonderful serendipitous trail.
It Wouldn't Be Make-Believe @ The Icehouse in Phoenix - a bigger, more elaborate version of the installation last month at ARTELPHX @ Clarendon Hotel. 

an interactive painting installation in which four painters installed in a square glass enclosed "3D painting" lead a group of participant/ artists to discover that they really do know how to paint and inspire them to move past their fears. 

I'm currently working on many upcoming projects including
(but very definitely NOT limited to):

an interactive musical sculpture in which participants communicate via music - the object itself can be entered into and played either from the outside or inside. It's a prayer, a reflection and a mode of communication.

an interactive immersive exploration in space

The Mothers Are Rising: 
Mother Nature manifest and making her thoughts about our world known through assemblage sculptures with interactive components. 

Left Behind: 
An answer to those who feel the modern world is passing them by. 

Partnering on Project Storefront Astoria: 
A project to fill empty windows with art in Astoria, Oregon

I've been able to create one or two of these installations and events on my own each year for over a decade funding them almost entirely on my own and now I'd like to see how the world would look if I were able to speed up the pace and get to the really good stuff. 

As you can tell, my ideas aren't particularly marketable by normal means, but hopefully you can also tell that their purpose is usually to get other people to communicate, find the value in their own creativity and give everyone the right to explore and experiment by giving them opportunities to notice that they already are. That's my vision. I hope it's also yours. 

If you believe in magic, and would like to help me make some, please donate a small amount (or a larger one) so I can make more of these events and projects. Many hands makes light work - something I preach with my crews all the time - I guess it was inevitable that I'd recognize I needed to start letting people help this way too.

Anyone donating is automatically invited to all of my events, and the explorer in me is really interested in talking directly to new folks who might be interested in helping out, about my vision, you and your lives and YOUR vision as well, and the wonderful mutual inspiration that this sort of relationship often engenders. Welcome to my world! 

You can find out more here:
$1.51 of $4,000 per month
I'd like to be able to do all my ideas. This is an estimate of how much I think would provide immediate ability to pay the right professionals to engineer larger projects, make sure my volunteer crews are fed and taken care of and reach for some of the larger projects' completion.

My crews and I have done a lot with very little. I dream of what we could accomplish if we were fully funded.

There's a leap that must be made between being able to create unique concepts and people realizing they wanted these things and are willing to pay for them. We're in the middle of that right now.

However, the sort of art I've been doing is what Meow Wolf has begun to make a lot of money at. I know it's possible, I just am not yet sure of how to fund the initial stages to make it happen.

Want to dream big with me and be a part of what comes AFTER Meow Wolf.

And what that is, is a collaboration that digs deeper - fun, yes, but meaningfully so. It's what my art has always been. I think the world is ready for that. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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