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Hello friends!

David Pots here, creator of Song Notes. Since 2013, I've worked hard to create easy-to-follow guitar lessons through my website, my YouTube channel, and the PDF chord sheets I've been creating. I love playing the guitar, and I hope it shows through the lessons I create. I want nothing more than others to be able to find as much joy with music as I have.

But what's the deal with Patreon, you may be asking?

Patreon is a fantastic platform that allows independent creators like me to receive direct support from their wonderful community of fans. By pledging just $3 to my Patreon page, you'll not only support my Song Notes project – but you'll also receive some hand-crafted printable lessons (in PDF form) created by me. These printable lessons & chord sheets are a great way to learn the songs I make lesson for. 

Why am I asking for money from my fans?

Real talk: I spend many hours each and every week on these lessons – in addition to having a wife & kids, full-time job, and all other life-related obligations. While the lessons are a labor of love, they don't come without their share of late nights, early mornings, and hobbies put on the sideline.

I don't want it to always be this way – it's my goal to eventually, one day, go full-time with my Song Notes project as a business I can make a sustainable living on. But before that can happen, I have to build up the foundation for my future business to stand on. That starts with you, for just a few dollars every month.

Don't I already make tons of cash from YouTube?

No... I wish! It's true that I do make some money from pre-roll ads on YouTube, but these are pennies per hour given the effort I put in. Furthermore, relying on these ads for income puts me at the whim of YouTube – and their platform may change one day, at the expense of the creators who put the wind in YouTube's sails. I'd rather work directly for my community of fans (including you), as opposed to trying to appease the YouTube algorithm in my quest for views.

Money I make from your Patreon pledge – how would it be used?

In the near term, the community pledges would primarily be used to offset core costs of my Song Notes project. The instruments, the production gear (audio & visual), the server costs, the software I use for editing – these are all costs I've taken on myself over the last few years. Looking forward, my ambition is to invest the money back in this project with a longer term vision – i.e., building a bridge to eventually take this full time, and see if I can make it work as a way to make my living.

Thanks so much!

I appreciate that you've read this far, and hope you'll consider becoming a patron and directly supporting this project.
300 - reached! patrons
At this level, I'll be able to afford an upgraded microphone to up the quality of my videos. This will not only make the average video (recorded in my makeshift garage studio) sound better, but it will also allow me to record in more places – my bedroom, outside, etc – which ultimately will lead to more lessons. 
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