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If you were expecting to download my song PDFs from Patreon, they're no longer freely available. Here's a link to learn more about why they're only available for purchase now (due to licensing and copyright):

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🙏 My sincere and most heartfelt thanks & gratitude for your additional support. It means a lot. Every pledge at this level accelerates my progress toward being able to do this full time one day. THANK YOU!

To be clear: you get the exact same perks as the $3 Club – this is just a way to show me even extra support as I continue to make lessons each week. Thank you!

About Song Notes by David Pots


July 1, 2021 – I'm nearly finished moving all my "song" PDFs over to Musicnotes, a leader in digital sheet music which can license each of my arrangements – which provides rights holders their fair share each purchase. Fortunately, all of my most popular songs are already available on Musicnotes (check out the list)... and most importantly,

👉 Patreon supporters get 50% off each "song" sheet music purchase! You get the discount code in your "Welcome" email after signing up.

Fortunately, the vast majority of my non-song PDFs (techniques, exercises, music theory, etc) remain available -- and 100% my videos are available on this site and my YouTube channel.

Fear not – I can 100% refund any pledge (no questions asked) if you end up finding this too frustrating, after signing up.

David Pots (July 1, 2021)

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Existing Patreon supporters: browse my full library of videos & PDF chord sheets at

Member testimonials:

"I've seen more guitar instructional videos on the web than I can count but but no one does a better job of explaining and simplifying a song as you do, with the added bonus of a downloadable PDFs. I just got back into playing acoustic guitar last year after a hiatus of too many decades. Keep up the good work you do for all us beginners, re-beginners and not so beginners." – David

"You have the very best tabs on the net! Easy to follow, logically designed, complete with all information. That's why I'm a supporter!" – Jimbo

"Thank you David for the most excellent guitar lessons. I am getting old now and my guitar is a new and awesome instrument that gives me peace in our troubled world. Your contribution and dedication to your lessons provides me with hours of learning in an easy fun style. I am blessed to have been able to support you on Patreon and have access to everything you put out there." – Harvey

"Thank you 🙏 you are a wonderful teacher as well as a fabulous musician not often do you get both in the same package." – Eileen

"I have just picked up the guitar after 30 years of saying 'I would love to learn that'. Out of all the lessons I have come across online yours are the best. You have a way of making the song sound close to the original and making it pretty easy to learn as a beginner to learn. I could not keep watching the lessons without donating something because learning the guitar takes time and devotion. You deserve to get something back for all you put in. I have subscribed to your channel, and I have never subscribed to anything online. I wish you all the best and hope you have continued success." – Joshauh

"I enjoy your lessons and teaching style. They are practical and I love that you break things down in an easy to understand way. Also your lessons are fun! :) I'm a happy supporter and thank you for providing great service and your musical gift." – Tangie

"I’ve tinkered with the guitar since I was a teenager but never really committed to practicing it. I could never find the passion or the structure from a teacher to keep me at it. I have a full time job and kids...and life is busy. Almost two years ago, I broke my ankle playing baseball and dusted off the guitar. I stumbled across your lesson Say It Ain’t So by Weezer. I was completely sold. I decided to become a patreon supporter of yours. Tonight, I was just completely compelled to send you a message. Your lessons, teaching, PDF’ name it...Are pure quality. You come across as passionate about your work and it truly makes a difference. Anyway. I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe during these times. I wish you all best. Thank you for the lessons and I also hope that your site becomes so successful that you can just do this full time. No response necessary. Just reaching out to say I wish lots of good karma to go your way! Cheers!" – Jason

"You are such an amazing teacher! You describe steps in detail that is so necessary for beginners like me. Thank you for all that you do!" – Cara

"Man, you're the best out there and the way you break things down with printables along with the different camera angles helps me in ways I can't put into words. It's truly a pleasure to be a Patreon supporter of yours!" – BB

"You are the very best on the web for teaching how to play a particular song down to the details that deliver a truly professional sounding version. I love it!" – Nick

About me & my Song Notes project

David Pots here, creator of Song Notes. Since 2013, I've worked hard to create easy-to-follow guitar lessons through my website, my YouTube channel, and the library of PDF chord sheets I've been creating. I love playing the guitar, and I hope it shows through the lessons I create. I want nothing more than others to be able to find as much joy with music as I have.

But what's the deal with Patreon, you may be asking?

Patreon is a fantastic platform that allows independent creators like me to receive direct support from their wonderful community of fans. By pledging just $3 to my Patreon page, you'll not only support my Song Notes project – but you'll also receive access to 200+ hand-crafted printable lessons (in PDF form) created by me – plus all new lessons I make going forward. These printable lessons & chord sheets are a great way to follow along with my video lessons.

The $3 charge is monthly, with no commitment. You can cancel anytime and keep all of the PDFs you've downloaded. Whether you support me for a few months or many, the support is tremendously appreciated.

Why am I asking for money from my fans?

Real talk: I spend  many hours each and every week on these lessons – in addition to having a wife & kids, full-time job, and all other life-related obligations. While the lessons are a labor of love, they don't come without their share of late nights, early mornings, and hobbies put on the sideline.

I don't want it to always be this way – it's my goal to eventually, one day, go full-time with my Song Notes project as a business I can make a sustainable living on. But before that can happen, I have to build up the foundation for my future business to stand on. That starts with you, for just a few dollars every month.

Don't I already make tons of cash from YouTube?

No... I wish! It's true that I do make some money from pre-roll ads on YouTube, but these are pennies per hour given the effort I put in. Furthermore, relying on these ads for income puts me at the whim of YouTube – and their platform may change one day, at the expense of the creators who put the wind in YouTube's sails. I'd rather work directly for my community of fans (including you), as opposed to trying to appease the YouTube algorithm in my quest for views.

Money I make from your Patreon pledge – how would it be used?

In the near term, the community pledges would primarily be used to offset core costs of my Song Notes project. The instruments, the production gear (audio & visual), the server costs, the software I use for editing – these are all costs I've taken on myself over the last few years. Looking forward, my ambition is to invest the money back in this project with a longer term vision – i.e., building a bridge to eventually take this full time, and see if I can make it work as a way to make my living.

Thanks so much!

I appreciate that you've read this far, and hope you'll consider becoming a patron and directly supporting this project.
100% complete
At this level, I'll be able to afford an upgraded microphone to up the quality of my videos. This will not only make the average video (recorded in my makeshift garage studio) sound better, but it will also allow me to record in more places – my bedroom, outside, etc – which ultimately will lead to more lessons. 
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