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$5/month will go straight toward album production, travel, printing, marketing and basically keeping the biz moving forward. Every little bit helps. TRULY. 

I want a personalized jingle!

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I love making art FOR people. I will write you a personalized mini song about whatever or whoever you want. I can help you announce something to your family and friends. I can write a birthday song for you to send someone. I can re-write lyrics to a fave existing song. All this while still working on my other projects!
The options are endless. If something feels like it would be special, I'm in. If you can dream it, I can do it. :) Thanks for the support!

Here's my direct email: [email protected]
Reference this Patreon tier and tell me your idea!




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About Sonia Deleo Music

It was such a privilege for me to have learned early in life that music is my life source, the thing I feel I’m here on earth to do and share, and the way I can contribute beauty to our world. Creating art of any sort and having it valued by society is certainly not an easy path. Now with this wild and crazy Covid 19 journey we're all on, there is almost a complete halt in action and work and gigs.
Your involvement in my creative journey will help me be able to keep going, to support my family and stay afloat during this time, to keep producing quality work, and share that work on a grander scale. As a single Ma of two amazing girls, there is a consistent need for me to keep a balance between “Going for it!” and responsibly doing what it takes to make sure my kiddos have what they need. Any contributions from my supporters will help me with that balance, ease some pressure and make it so that I can take my career where I know it can go. During my time in isolation, I am working on several projects, learning how to produce and mix my own music, writing with other artists via FaceTime and hoping to come out the other end of this stronger, and with even more work I'm proud of. I have added a couple of incentive tier options but please know that ANY amount is appreciated and will ultimately go toward spreading my music and my love. 
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! 💕

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