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THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! For supporting me on my musical journey, you'll gain access to my Patron-Only Activity Feed, where I'll be posting news, works-in progress, and beetz/songs from the stash - you'll even get to hear completed songs before they're officially released! Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to leave your feedback and ask me questions.



About Sonic Skillz (aka DCT)

Hey everyone, Sonic here. Some of you may know me as OC ReMixer DCT. Some of you may know me as the owner of indie hip-hop/R&B label Urbanizm Music. Some of you may know me for the remixes and/or production I've done for artists like Mega Ran, or even for a song about WWE's Sasha Banks I worked on. Some of you may not know me at all, and that's okay! My story is a simple one: I'm a hip-hop and R&B producer and remixer, and run a small record label. I also have a passion for arranging video game music, and have currently have 5 songs posted on the aforementioned OC ReMix.

My goal here on Patreon is simple: I want to make music. Do I necessarily need a site to help me make beetz and compose songs? Of course not. But I want to improve the presentation of my music, from higher-quality YouTube videos, to more professionally-produced and -released singles and albums, and I'd like to simply have the ability to create more music and someday take my career to the mythical "next level" that all musicians strive to reach...and when one is unable to work a "regular" job (long story) and relies on skillz to pay the bills, it can get a little costly to showcase your talents to the world.


  • Patreon allows people who want to support my art to do so on an ongoing monthly basis.
  • You pledge as little or as much as you like - seriously, ONE DOLLAR IS AMAZING; IT ALL ADDS UP.
  • You get charged at the beginning of each month.
  • You can cancel your pledge or change your pledge amount at any time.

If at this point you're considering helping me by becoming a Patron, I want to say a few things. The first is: THANK YOU! You wanting to support my art means so much to me, and anything you contribute will certainly be put to good use. Also, don't feel any obligation to go out of your budget for little ol' me. Again, the great thing about Patreon is that you can always change your monthly pledge (or even cancel it) without restrictions.

Thank you so much for connecting with me and being willing to help me on my journey. I won't disappoint you!

tl;dr - pledge at least a dollar to help me provide you with more tunes, and I'll love you forever. Now, here are some rewards!
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If I'm gonna get started taking my career to the next level, I'll have to start with lunch! I know a bangin' pizza place. :P
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