Sonja Bajic is creating maps, illustrations and words

I love the game!

$1 /mo
• Every month I'll make a poll and we'll make some decisions where should I draw or what should I draw or even who should I draw! 

Carry me around.

$2 /mo
• At this level you’ll receive a phone and desktop background once a month from me with thoughts and opinions or just ice cream doodles.

AND I’ll send you a


Get yourself a tattoo - or get married.

$5 /mo
15% off everything in my online shop (including custom orders for: maps, wedding invites and tattoo illustrations!)

•Plus all previous rewards.

Reconnecting with old pals

$15 /mo
• once a month receive a card (wherever in the world you are!) that you can send to somebody wishing them wonderful thoughts. Wondering who to send it to? Reconnect with old friend...

Prints, who wants prints?!

$25 /mo
• Every year you will receive an exclusive surprise by me (you will be able to choose between a couple of different things - books, prints signed and numbered (not available in the...

Let’s hang out?!

$50 /mo
• Once a month we will go for a walk. I’ll do an hour (usually more) live and in person drawing session just for my patrons. I’ll show you some hidden gems of Paris and I’ll show y...