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About Sono Lumin

I am an artist creating healing music in 432 hz tuning. I am also sharing all the knowledge I have about healing with sound, sacred frequencies and ancient as well as modern knowledge in this field. 

All my music is available for free for everyone on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp, etc, etc. You may also support me in different ways by becoming a patreon, buying my book, downloading in iTunes, or paying in Bandcamp, getting an online soundhealing session, and so on. 

There are no tiers on my patreon. Everybody gets access to the same bonuses; 

- Translations to my old norse songs
- Early notifications when new music is out, + news and updates 
- Opportunity to ask me questions 
- Receive a free digital copy of my book "432 Hz; The Magic and Mystery of Sound & Music" 
- ++ 

Each Month 12% of the net earnings from Patreon goes to

Thank You so much for your support! 

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