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As an NPC, you have shown your support for this adventuring party, and we are truly grateful.

Thank you!

We are still in the early stages of this adventure, and we are ecstatic to have you with us! Your status as an NPC comes with a few fun benefits that we hope you will enjoy!

- Access To Each Chapter's Semi-Final Draft! You get to see the second to last draft of each chapter as it becomes available! These are not the ultimate final drafts (after all, some edits can only be made once all the chapters have been written), but are about as close as it will get before publishing.

- A Cameo In The Story! One supporting character (a.k.a. "extra") within the story  will be named after you! They may be a shopkeeper or a traveling scholar, an innkeeper or damsel in distress, or any other person who might be found in the world!

This tier is for people like the old lady you helped cross the street, your neighbor that always says hi as you leave for work, the bored manager of the hotdog stand you occasionally go to for lunch, or the sassy cashier at the grocery store.

- Your Name In The Credits! Where the credits are the Thank You section of each book we publish!

Quest Giver
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As a Quest Giver, you are more than a passing character in this adventure. Your support for these stories is precious to us! Thank you!

Each Quest Giver gains the following special features.

- Character Promotion! Your cameo character grows as a person. In addition to simply existing, they will be given a backstory and real motivations that help them make a more significant impact on the world and the story.

This tier is for people like that coworker you occasionally hang out with, the bartender at your favorite bar, that cousin that you enjoy seeing at family reunions, and the manager of the hotdog stand that you usually go to for lunch who sometimes gives you unsolicited but helpful relationship advice.

We will do our best to put each and every one of these characters into the story, and will let you know when we release a chapter with your character in it.

- A Say In The Matter! As a quest giver, you start to influence the world of the story! You will be part of the process for designing certain enemies and tribulations that will come against the story's characters. You will also get a vote in deciding many of the future Patron Only events or rewards!

- Character Article In The Wiki! In addition to playing a more significant role in the story and the world, your character will have their very own article in the world's wiki! Once the article is complete, you will be given a link to the article for your enjoyment.

 - Previous Tier Benefits! You also get these benefits from previous tiers: Semi-Final Draft Access, A Cameo In The Story, Your Name In The Credits. 

Prominent Hero
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As a Prominent Hero, your impact on the world and on the story increases to dramatic proportions! They may be the mayor of a town, captain of the guard, a well known politician, or a well known mercenary, or other influential figure. We are immensely grateful for your enthusiastic support, thank you!

Being a Prominent Hero comes with several unique perks that we hope will be as exciting to you as they are to us! Naturally, all of the benefits of NPCs and Quest Givers are included as well.

- See The First(ish) Draft! You will get to see the story as it progresses, before (most of) the editing and snipping takes place! You will get to see the first draft of each chapter as they are ready, before serious editing has taken place! 

- More Character On Your Character! Your character's wiki article will be expanded to include much more detail, potentially including details on other people who are significant in their lives (from minions to relatives to political allies to whatever else makes sense).

This tier is for people like your local mayor, the principle of your (or your child's) school, your boss at work, the manager of your favorite bar, or the guy who owns the chain of hot dog stands that you go to for lunch each day.

  - Previous Tier Benefits! You also get these benefits from previous tiers: Semi-Final Draft Access, A Cameo In The Story, Your Name In The Credits, Character Promotion, Character Article In The Wiki, A Say In The Matter.  




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The King of the Black Mountain has vanished; the Crown of Gravity is taken. The southern forest grows restless and violent. Strange creatures prowl its fringes. Taruil, City of Plenty, lies in ruin, overtaken by the beasts of the forest. In the north, imperial forces martial, waiting for starvation to take its hold. Welcome to Sons of the King.

Every cent of support from our patrons goes toward making these stories more possible and more epic. On a practical level, more patrons means more time writing, which means more stories! On an epic level, more support will allow us to upgrade our tools and commission artwork, audiobooks, and other snazzy bonuses!

As a Patron, you will get to follow along with the story creation process with the ability to see each chapter's semi-final draft as it is completed!

Another perk that I (Reagan, the author of the stories and also of this description) am personally excited about is that when you become a Patron, you will also get a cameo in the book(s)! There are details in the tier descriptions above.

So if you would like to embark on this journey with us, check out the Patron rewards. We would love to have you join our story. 

If you would like to learn more about the world behind Sons of the King, check out the growing world wiki here.
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"A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."
Laozi (probably)

Welcome, first Patron! We are so glad to have you along! Our first goal complete, on we go to the next! :D
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