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Get a patron-only perspective on our work.
  • Behind-the-scenes pics and videos
  • Patron-only polls where you help choose songs we cover.


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Get access to our latest content before anyone else!
  • Early access to music videos
  • MP3 downloads
  • Sneak peeks
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Join us for a monthly livestream where any of the following may happen:
  • Question and Answers
  • Watch us arrange a song of your choice, live
  • Perform one of our songs
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Each month, one of us will give you or someone you know a 10 minute call or leave a voice message! 

This reward is eligible after 2 supported videos.

  • Plus all previous rewards!


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Sowers get to watch us grow!
  • You get a ticket to every public show.
  • Creative influence over upcoming songs, videos or shows. Share your ideas!
  • Name in credits on supporte...


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Serendipity has brought us together.
  • Yearly personalized video message
  • Great for birthdays!
  • Have a song you wrote? We'll give it a try!
  • Two (2) free tickets to e...