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About Chris McDowall

f you've delved into forbidden secrets in Call of Cthulhu, tangled with deathtraps in Dungeons & Dragons, or driven yourself to the edge of insanity with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, you've got a sense of why I created Into the Odd. I wanted a game that focused on the excitement of exploration, the thrill of danger, and the challenge of survival.

The game continues to grow on my blog at BASTIONLAND

It's a world of twisted depths and alien structures., where your musket comes second to your wits. But there's more to the Odd World than scouring dark holes for the glimmers of wealth or power. 

Into the Odd hit some milestones that I've been chasing for some time. 
- Quickened character generation to less than a minute. 
- Made combat fast and deadly, but simple and fair. 
- Delivered an evocative, memorable game world through game material alone. 

The next project is Electric Bastionland, which will expand on that final milestone. 

The blogposts you're funding will always be free to everyone. Some are the chunks of content that will be polished up and refined for the finished Toolkit, others are ideas that may not fit into the final book but will find use at somebody's table. 

For blog content you can expect a handful of posts per month, including:
- New locations from the metropolis of Bastion, through backwards Deep Country, to the Underground and Living Stars.  
- Random tables for everything from "I Push the Glowing Red Button" to "What's Dragged me into the Underground?"
- Horrific monsters, where fighting is rarely a good idea.
- Unique Oddities, often as dangerous as they are useful, and petty items of interest. 
- New ways to play the game, including leading armies, managing expeditions of hundreds, crossing the ocean, and running a shady business enterprise. 

Most importantly, funded blogposts will speed up my writing. More content and higher quality.
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I can begin spending one day a week dedicated to creating RPG content. 
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