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About Sophia Beaumont

Bonjour! My name is Sophia and I'm a novelist and knitwear designer

I write for adult and young adult markets, covering everything from historical fiction to contemporary. There's usually ghosts and magic involved, as well as a fair dash of salt and rep for LGBTQIA+, anxiety, depression, and autism. Click the videos below for a quick promo, or to hear the opening pages of my first book, THE SPIDER'S WEB. 

Evie's trilogy has already wrapped up and is available on Amazon. I've also written a gender-bent retelling of The Three Musketeers, ALL FOR ONE, which was the 2017 #ShoreIndie runner up on Twitter. My most recent book, OFF THE RAILS, is an adult historical murder mystery. 

So far, I've published a total of five books plus an omnibus edition of The Evie Cappelli series, and a collection of short stories co-written with Missouri Dalton, with at least one more book slated for release in 2020. 

Over on my blog, I write twice a week about books, writing, and knitting and sewing. Textiles are a huge part of my life, and show up in a lot of my books. 

I like designing quick and easy knits with a twist, and I try to have a pattern come out every time I release a book. Most recently, it was the Electrolite Socks, which celebrated the release of the second book in the Evie Cappelli series, THE FERRYMEN

I'm currently looking for support so I can continue to create, learn, and grow. I would love to have the flexibility to be able to do things like school visits or conventions in other parts of the country. Currently, I'm a staff presenter for Cincinnati's Steampunk Symposium, where I co-host the writer's workshop and panels on historical research and self- and indie publishing. I would like to be able to attend events like BEA and YALLfest as well. 

Other things I would like to accomplish:
  • I'd like to move away from my Wordpress blog and into a self-hosted site, which will give me more flexibility and a chance to sell my books directly to consumers, without relying on the whims of Amazon or Etsy.
  • Raise funds to cover publishing costs of my next novel (editing, cover art, formatting, printing costs, and possibly having a hardcover edition produced).
Right now your patronage means keeping the lights on and a roof over my head while I write. 

I just want to say thank you for your support. It really means to the world to me. 
5% complete
Production costs for Magic in the Headlines

When we reach this goal, I'll be sending out personalized thank you letters to my patrons, with a kitty picture inside (hard copy or email, Patron's choice).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 108 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 108 exclusive posts

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