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is creating a Monthly Pin club, product design and character creation!
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This tier grants you membership to the pin of the month! You will receive one pin at the end of each month designed specifically for that month! In addtion to this you will also get a discount code for use in the Sorbet Jungle online store, and everything from the $3 tier. 

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About Sorbet Jungle

My name is Deanne! I'm the owner and designer behind Sorbet Jungle. We create cute characters, plush and are best known for our character Croconana!
This is a space to connect with fans and offer limited and exclusive items that we may not be able to offer on a larger scale. I want to show you new concepts I'm working on and have the ability to thank each of you directly that chooses to support me and my creative endeavors.
Starting off this will be a pin of the month club. I know you all love pins as much as I do, but often we cannot make as many as we'd like due to display space or costs (and we can't have 10 Croconana designs alone! ) Each month you will get to vote on the theme or character, and as we grow the rewards will as well! I'm looking forward to sharing this project with you, and hope you too enjoy the journey!
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Thank you so much for being part of our pin community! When we reach 100 patrons, I will be able to offer two pin designs each month!
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