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Because of your support, I am able to make and deliver the online lessons, the tutorials and the how to's. The support I get through Patreon makes it possible for me to keep challenging and developing my skills on the saxophone and thereby present creative and inspired material to you.

  • THANK YOU! You receive my deepest appreciation. Your gift enables me keep on making inspiring material and help musicians grow.
  • WEEKLY LICK TRANSCRIPTION - two times a week I upload a lick in the theme of the longer youtube tutorial I am posting every week. You get the transcription of the weekly licks. 
  • Q&A PRIORITY - When gathering new ideas for material for lessons, tutorials and how to's I first look among you - what are your needs, what are your questions! You are my support and therefore you also have my priority!
  • FUN WITH MUSIC - Sometimes I will post small licks, ideas and other fun/interesting things in and about music! 

Devoted saxophone player - give me more!

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You are already checking out my youtube videos and have subscribed to the newsletter - here you get more! More understanding and inside information!

  • Everything from the previous tier!
  • FULL ACCESS to all the text and transcribtions of all my youtube videos which I have put online for now and in the future - as long you are supporting me on Patreon - includes description/transcription of the text spoken in the videos + all examples in music writing.

Hard working saxophonist - bring it on!

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You want to become better! You feel that every minute you spend with music is a minute of growth! You are dedicated to saxophone playing and want to check it all out!

  • You get all of the before mentioned from the earlier tiers and....
  • PRACTICE MANUALS AND EXERCISES IN MY WEB-SHOP - You get access to all manuals, exercise pdf's and how to's in my web-shop which are priced under €20,- The products are uploaded to your tier!
  • EXTRAS, EXTRAS, EXTRAS on released videos: Exclusive access to video extras, development and in depth knowledge, extra practise formulas, extra licks, for and on the released youtube videos! Transcript downloads + text and/or video material!
  • SAXOPHONE QUESTION HOTLINE - ask me questions about the material on patreon, get answers to your questions about saxophone and music. 
    As a tier 20 patreon you have the opportunity to send me questions on email. 




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About Søren Ballegaard Saxophone Lessons

Inspired, hands on learning. Learning by doing. Lessons, tutorials, how to's which are directly applicaple to your playing today!
I am a professional saxophone player and educator. I would love to be able to help as many people I can to get a chance to play more music. Music connects us in so many more ways than any other medium in the world.
One of the ways I think I can contribute to connecting people in the world, is through music and what I am good in - inspiring and getting people together through music.
My music medium is saxophone and I am a big fan of jazz.

Why Patreon
On this Patreon page you can support me in my journey to connect more people through music and music teaching.
I would like to give something back to the ones supporting me, giving me great feedback, inspiration and comments. Patreon is a great way of giving back.
Through Patreon I am able to share my experiences on my musical journey. This be how I prepare my music, my practise, my videos and my performances. I also think this is valuable information for other muscians, how to do stuff, or inspiration in ways to play, practise or perform.

How I will use the Patreon support
I would love to keep developing my playing and with this, also my teaching videos. 
To do this I want to free up more time to be able to make more free content for you to enjoy, learn from and inspire.
A big part of this musical journey is research. To find out how to make better videos needs lots of hours checking out filming-, sound- and software techniques. 
Research on playing techniques and new themes for videos is an ever going process.
Hardware and software is important to be able to keep improvering the videos. I will be investing in camera, microphones, light, editing programs, cloudspace, website among others. There are many possibilities in improving and getting a better product out to all of you. 

The different tiers I have made, makes you able to follow the journey more or less closely. You pay a monthly contribution. For this contribution I will upload unique content, only available to Patreon supporters.
The higher a tier you pick, the more unique content you get access to.

My Patreon page will hopefully also be a growing community where supporters can ask relevant question and get relevant answers about saxophone playing, technique, improvisation and jazz music.

I really hope you get a lot out of this Patreon page and I thank you greatly for reading and supporting me.

I am looking very much to see you and hear from you.

Play music and have fun!

Søren Ballegaard
Saxophone lessons by Søren Ballegaard
$165.94 of $603.98 per month
When I reach €500,- pr month I will be able to add video and content lists to my website. 
Content and video listings on my website will help you to tone in on your needs and get faster results in your playing, by being able to faster finding the right learning material.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts

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