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Thanks for being awesome! You're helping us reach our goal of more pages of CRUSH!  You'll get sketched panels from upcoming pages for a sneak peek at pages before they go up.
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  •  Sneak previews of upcoming pages, and our thanks for your awesomeness. 
  • Access to the subscriber-only blog with sketches, special previews, concept art, notes about the characters , etc., 
  • Access to the Secrets blog, where we'll randomly post non-spoilery tidbits such as character trivia, music that inspired scenes, pieces of the script, and other peeks into the creation of CRUSH!
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About sore★zore

Seiyuu CRUSH! is a graphic novel created by sore☆zore which can be read for free on the web at It's a gay/BL dramatic comedy of voice actors, workplace romance, eccentric brothers, and the intertwining relationships of a cast of varied characters.
You can go take a look at our FAQ, or just start reading at the archives!

We've been making Seiyuu CRUSH! happen since February 2011. Beginning with a scene that was inspired by a few words from the lyrics of a sappy J-pop song, we quickly went from creating something that was just awesome fun, to something so amazingly important to us. As these guys stepped forward to reveal themselves and their stories, we began to love each one of them fiercely. Their world is our world now, and we need to tell their stories.

Well over 275,000 words have been written so far! Years worth of pages... It's exciting to think about, and yet, it only makes us want to get deeper into their stories - sooner. So much work goes into keeping CRUSH! updating, and we could really use your help. And it would make us so amazingly happy to be updating three pages a week once again. Supporting us through Patreon would be a HUGE help in moving us to our goal of working on CRUSH! full time!

What is this Patreon for?
CRUSH! will be free to read on our website, but subscribers will get updates with bonus content. You'll be supporting independent artists and helping us get to our goal of more pages!

Right now, what our readers see on the website, what you see about their lives, is like a small glimpse through the window. A small glimpse into the CRUSH studio, or KoiZ's apartment, or Flavor. We'd like to reward our loyal readers by rubbing off the window glass a bit, giving a little wider view into their lives. Because, hey, we've got YEARS worth of little secrets! Secrets about our guys, notes about specific scenes, awesome memes that the guys have inspired - just the day to day things we've talked about as writer and artist - some of which we are willing to share. ♡

For our Patreon supporters, we'd like to give just a little more personal of a glimpse, as we rub off the condensation from the glass. Ah, and maybe even slide the window open a few inches, so you can listen in on a special secret, so you can maybe catch a whiff of KoiZ's pineapple rice and strawberries, or Hiroki's smoked salmon - ah, dinner time at Flavor? Or perhaps even the scent of rain and sake...

(...or... peach body cream.)

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We will put up two additional pages per month on Wednesdays! ❤
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