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Thank you so much for donating! Every little thing means a lot to me. You get your gold star and your name written in a big spaghetti ball of names at the end of every month and access to a biweekly page of doodles and pieces that I didn't complete.  
Y'all Like Collage, Huh?
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Wow! Five whole dollars! That's more than an entire coffee. In addition to the prior rewards, you also get access to a second, patrons-only piece!
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Ten bucks?! Wowie! Now that's gonna help me pay the Adobe Landlord Bills. In addition to the lower-tier prizes, you get access to a discord chat where you can talk to me about my work, my methods, and all that jazz! 




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About Sorin M. Michaels

Hi all! My name is Sorin, but you can call me, "Mickey" or, "Mik". I am a multimedia artist who aspires to earn a living doing what I am passionate about and what I'm good at. I focus mostly on digital artforms. I'm fond of photomanipulation, collage, and just plain ol' drawing. I will also have a page for writing in the future.
I also have a behance profile, check it out!

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