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Our new weekly podcast called "Intermission" (COMING SOON)

 - We will be taking our podcast on the road, bringing in guests, and we'll be talking about a lot more than just movie and tv reviews.

Weekly let's plays from Myles and/or Christian

 - We will be featuring exclusive patreon gameplay content with one or both us playing a game in it's entirety releasing one video per week 

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Painfully Interesting Podcast

 - Christian watches the same horrible movie every week for a year straight while doing a podcast. We'll see how long it takes before he starts to go insane

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About Sorta Interesting

Hello everyone! Christian Patam and Myles Darling here, and we are Sorta Interesting. When we first starting creating content, our first endeveur was to create a podcast about all of our favorite movies and television shows. Our main goal was to go back and reminisce over fond memories of our favorite content from the past and review current content to stay up to date with today's entertainment culture. You can check out all of our content on our site
  Now we want to take our podcast to the next level and venture into more than just reviewing movies and television (which we will never stop doing). With this patreon, not only are we looking to improve on our current reviews podcast, but we will be able to start all new podcasts starting with our patreon exclusive podcast called "Intermission". In this podcast, there will be no real format and more of a casual podcast; talking about topics we're interested in and having various segments (sports, pop culture, news, personal lives, etc).
  With new content, comes more time and money. This is where our gracious patrons will come in. With your donations we will be able to hopefully grow and be able to afford better equipment for recording content on the go and have more guests with us. Hopefully with your help we can start our future network from the ground up and expand beyond review podcasts and venture out into other facets of entertainment content. Thank you for all of your support!

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