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Sammy Sosa's Playhouse is the only sporting news source dedicated specifically and obsessively to Sammy Sosa. Yes, the real Sammy Sosa.

For years we have educated and entertained baseball fans across the web on the science of Sosaology, and now The Playhouse has left committed to growing our online publication. Previously, we were found only on Facebook, but the Shackles of Zuckerberg will hold down The Playhouse no longer! We have created our own website at

Unfortunately, that means we have to pay server costs and shit. And while our online landlord and 2007 AL Cy Young Winner, CC Sabathia, doesn't accept PotCoin for our payents, he informed us that crowdfunding is a new option. 

With our fancy new website, Sammy Sosa's Playhouse will expand beyond nostalgia. Sammy Sosa and his Steroid Era contemporaries will always be the focus of The Playhouse's theming, but we will now do beat coverage of the current happenings surrounding The Playhouse Teams. If you don't know, The Playhouse Teams are the four teams Sammy Sosa played for in the course of his career: The Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, and some other team we can't remember right now.

You can expect more characteristically nostalgic and Sammycentric Playhouse content as well. We're sure you'll love the Sammy Sosa Skin Watch, where we diligently keep track of what color Sammy Sosa's skin is at any given moment! #SammyOnTinder is always a big hit, wherein we attempt to #GetSammyLaid. 

Sosaology is Serious Business and Sammy Sosa's Playhouse cares deeply about Ethics In Baseball Journalism, but longtime Playhouse readers know that everything we do has a comedic spin. Most of our followers hail from the Windy City, so most of our fans were presented America's Pastime either through the commentary of a senile drunk with glasses bigger than his head, or through the commentary of a bitter bird-man in a cowboy hat. Baseball is allowed to be fun. 

Wait, senile drunk with big glasses? Hey, that reminds us of the Playhouse team we forgot! It's the St. Louis Cardinals!
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