Krystina Atkins is creating Webcomics

Garden Tier

$1 /mo
You receive all the digital hugs! Thank you for your support!

Seed tier

$2 /mo
You will receive a sneak peak of the next page the day before I post! I will also thank you by name when the next comic is released here and on the website!

Sapling tier

$5 /mo
As well as everything from the $2 tier, you will get the next comic page BEFORE I post it on the internet . You can also send me prompts for mini-comic ideas! 

Evergreen tier

$10 /mo
You will receive:

- the next comic page BEFORE I post it on the internet.
- WIPs and any tutorials that may interest you
- sneak peeks of future comics
- be a background creature in the comic

Treebeard tier

$25 /mo
As well as the other stuff, you will receive access to any NSFW sketches I may draw (as long as you are over 18) and any videos I may record of myself drawing/talking about drawing