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'It takes a village'.
This could not be more true , especially in the world of rescue. It TRULY takes an army of support.
A dollar does make a difference. Think not? What if one hundred people thought 'It won't help' , and thus, didn't do it? Voila.

By becoming a villager you are supporting not just THIS rescue but life. . . and not  'just' life. The betterment of lives that can not do for themselves. Lives that were once slated or slaughter,thrown away, and unwanted.

Yes it takes a village. Be a villager ♥


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Become a bard and help spread the word !
Education is key in anything, and so it is in animal rescue.
The more that know, perhaps the more that will care, yes?
By giving $10 per month you are making a commitment to support these amazing horses and in helping us help them....
YOU are  helping them thrive and receive the care needed to  rehabilitate them while they heal, recover, and adjust to a safe life. With this level you are making a huge difference in MANY lives and of course, will have access to special photos and videos that are only available to our Patreons in our community. 

PS ~ Now that you're a bard, fancy naming one of our rescued horses? ♥


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VERY few meet this challenge. . . thus, Rogue level. 




'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'
~Edmund Burke 

I'm just a girl who loves horses.....and wants to help them in the biggest way possible. 

Though I've an  expansive love for ALL  animals, I've always been particularly drawn to horses, wolves, and cats. Yes, the 'big ones'.
Horses however.....have an almost inexplicable draw, a nearly a bewitching quality in their  demeanor, the charisma they carry. Their history, their movement, their loyalty,  their sheer power is awe inspiring.
It's a damn shame that we, largely, do not respect them as they should be. 
Instead , so many are thrown away. Neglected.Abused....
Sold for slaughter. 

I've loved , ridden, cared for, tended to, and trained horses from the age of  seven.
In 2014 I met a horse that changed my life , how I viewed the world . . . and horses... forever.
I had no idea how many horses were suffering, neglected, abandoned, sold to slaughter. .  . 
I scaled back the showing, the training, the lessons, and saw a new way to help the  horses I so adore. 
And here we are! 
The idea of Soul Horses was born. 

My  goal? To help as many horses and PEOPLE helping horses as possible and provide the absolute best care we can. 
We need your help to do that! To expand, to educate to show what we are doing and the lives changed. 
Thus far, we have aided in or directly saved over two hundred horses from slaughter. 
Nothing brings me such joy as to see a life saved but see that life bettered. To watch them trust again, the spark to come back to their eyes. When they let go a breath that resonates with 'I am safe now'. . . to watch them find their own 'person'. Nothing I've experienced in this life holds a candle to those moments.
Being a part of that is truly...a gift. 
We can not just 'save them'. We must heal them. Give them ALL that they need and deserve. 
Mind, body, and soul. 

Located in Texas, we help horses in kill pens, auction barns, and dire situations. 
The sheer cruelty of slaughter and how rampant it is in the United States is appalling. No, we can not save them all......Yet. But we can certainly try. 
We do our damndest to help whenever, however, and as many as we can in a variety of ways. 
Thank you to ALL of those who help us to do what we do and for helping us help THEM. 

My 'vision', as it were, is to see more rescues working TOGETHER to bring positive change. 
To bring awareness, educate, and work as a team, across the nation to do MORE. 
Imagine what we could do with an outreach program where we all play to our strengths?
The possibilities are infinite.....
And so very beautiful. 

'It takes a village'. 
We..... you, and I, are all that village. 

76% complete
When we reach our fist 500 per month. . . 
First I'll be thrilled at the support and what having such support will enable us to do for these horses and then ...
I'd love to know what YOU would mos like to see!
Let us know 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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