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*The Bartender looks at you and nods his head*
- You must be out of town. Locals are getting greedy ever since that caravan came through here...


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*A subtle smirk appears on the bartender rugged face as he pushes a mug of ale towards you*
- First one is on the house. You look like you can handle a job or two... Stick around, I may have something of interest.


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*The bartender's eyes open wide with surprise*

-That caravan I mentioned earlier... It's going to the castle. I can't tell you why, but there are people who would pay handsomely if, per se, it was not to reach the city. 


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Hello Adventurer!

Glad you could make it! I understand that between the rat-infested cellars, dragon fighting and bounty hunts one may not have the time to develop other skills like potion making, sword forging or even house building... Do not worry! Follow me, I'll show ye!

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