is creating a podcast where I present my audiobooks with sound effects

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About Soundbooks

I am Cristian León.
I'm passionate about sound effects, literature, among other things.
I combined these 2 passions to do something creative, and this is how the Soundbooks were born.

I started the project of adding sound effects to the Harry Potter and the philosopher's Stone to bring the listeners a more immersive experience. I launched the Spanish version, but I have received an overwhelming amount of requests from my English friends to do the English version. So here I am, working on the English version as well as the Spanish.
In the beginning I started with a small comunity until I got the idea of going through the individual chapters of the books in the form of a podcast.
From then on, my project started to spread. I gained many listeners and this surprised me. I never thought this would flourish.
But it is Harry Potter after all.

If you want to have an immersive experience of the magical Harry Potter audiobooks. Please head to:
or Spotify.
Finally, if you want to listen to the audio books without advertisements, you can do so from my website:

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