Hammond Chamberlain and Brian Ibbott are creating a music history podcast.

8-Track Tape Aficionado

$1 /mo
We thank you for your support, and we'll even put that in writing on our website (your name on our Thank You page)!

Cassette Tape Fanatic

$5 /mo
In addition to a "Thank You" on our site, you'll also get access to our Discord chat, and an RSS feed with bonus audio, outtakes and extras from our recordings!

Compact Disc Lothario

$10 /mo
Everything previous - as well as a quarterly gift in the mail! Think of it as a quarterly crate of loot! Stickers, poker chips, prints, guitar picks - whatever we think is cool and we can slap our ...

Vinyl Enthusiast

$50 /mo
You get all of the stuff from before, and you also get to help us pick a band to cover on an episode - as well as being a GUEST for the intro of that episode! (It's a deal so cool, we have to limit...