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Sounds Like An Earful is a Canadian artist producing royalty-free music for your creative projects.

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Sounds Like An Earful is an independent 'music supply'. The project is an online library of music that is available for use by creatives of all kinds. All music is exclusive and created in-house, which makes licensing our music for your projects MUCH easier than traditional methods.

My name is Christopher Postill - the music supply is my passion project. I've been a long time podcaster, designer & musician. After years of working with podcasters & filmmakers as a composer / editor, I decided to start up the Sounds Like An Earful Music Supply as a place for creatives to get 'stock' music that doesn't suck. Here are some of the project goals:

  • Create a large library of really high-quality original audio
  • Work closely with podcasters & creatives to help their projects sound better
  • Create resources that are Patron-funded and free for content creators
  • Foster a community of creators and encourage creativity


The music supply was originally a 'for profit' project for its first two years - the music I made was for sale. However, in 2020, the music supply is shifting to a fully Patron-supported model. Over the years, I've learned that licensing original music can be out of reach for a lot of independent content creators. Shifting the music supply to be Patron-supported allows the project to remain financially sustainable, but also helps to serve creatives who are unable to afford expensive music licensing. I need your help to continue producing original music and giving it to creatives so that their projects sound great. Recording, mixing, hosting, programming, etc. all take A LOT of time and resources, becoming a Patron directly helps sustain the library for everyone!

Your support goes directly toward the immediate costs of producing music for free (server storage for files, software, labour, mixing/mastering, web design, studio expenses, hiring guest musicians, etc.). Even as little as $1/month will help me to carve out some extra time to continue creating great audio for creative folks to use.


Here is the bottom line. I produce original music. I let creative folks use that music for free so they can focus on being creative. You can help that process continue, as well as gain access to a huge collection of tunes for your own projects, by giving a small donation every month. It is a simple way to help support not only this project but also the independent podcasters, filmmakers, Youtubers, etc. who use the library.

Of course, if you change your mind you can always cancel at any time. 


Check it out at the music supply!


This video should help answer any other questions you've got about this whole Patreon shindig. You can check out the website for more info on the project.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to check this crazy idea out, it means a lot.

- Christopher

$53 of $500 per month
  • We'll add a minimum of 1 song biweekly to the music supply
  • 100% of our monthly operating costs are covered!
  • Half of labour is volunteer. 
  • Christopher can commit 4-5 hours/week toward developing new music and improving the music supply
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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