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  • A "Supported By: Your Name" credit on any track of your choice on the music supply.
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About Sounds Like An Earful

Sounds Like An Earful is a Canadian artist producing royalty-free music for creatives.

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Sounds Like An Earful is an independent 'music supply'. The project is an online library of music that is available for use by podcasters, indie game devs, video editors & content creators of all kinds. All music is exclusive and created in-house, by me, Christopher (or as you may know me "Posty Posterson").

The music supply is my passion project. I've been nerd about the importance of creativity for a long time - hosting podcasts, making music, working full-time as a freelancer, etc. I decided to start the Sounds Like An Earful Music Supply as a place for indie creators to get 'stock' music that doesn't suck. Here are some of my goals for the project:

  • Create a large library of really high-quality original audio
  • Work closely with podcasters & creatives to help their projects sound better
  • Help to inspire indie creators with resources that are easily accessible to them
  • Foster a community of creators that all help each other grow & improve
  • Create a new, sustainable way to make music professionally part-time


The music supply used to be a 'for profit' project. I used to sell each song individually like most 'stock music' websites do. However, in 2020, after a lot of thought, I decided to adopt a fully Patron-supported model. I did this for a few reasons...

  • It's better for creators. After talking with a lot of indie creatives, I realize that licensing music can be very confusing and even more expensive. Using Patreon, I can make my music available to download & use for free (or for the cost of a Patreon membership if folks want access to more music).
  • It's better for the music. The Patreon model frees the music itself up from being concerned with 'what sells most' to simply 'what is good' and 'what does the community need'.
  • It works better for me as the artist too. Knowing that I have an on-going, sustainable relationship with my Patrons helps SO much. It's honestly enormously motivating. It allows me to focus on making music and working with the community, rather than worrying how I'll pay for the projects costs this month.

I need your help to continue producing original music and making it accessible to independent creatives. Recording, mixing, hosting, programming, etc. all take A LOT of time and resources, becoming a Patron directly helps sustain the library for everyone!


These are the absolute costs of maintaining this project. Hosting large audio files and making them easily downloadable is, sadly, not free. To give a reference, between January & May of 2020 we had 30,559 download requests and 22.5GB of audio was downloaded from the music supply. I've also included the cost of the professional quality audio software I use and the maintenance of instruments as well (e.g. sometimes strings break! :)

  • Web Hosting: $35/month
  • File Storage & Download Bandwidth Costs: $5-20/month
  • Software + Licensing: $300-500/year
  • Home Studio & Instrument Maintenance: $100-1000/year
  • TOTAL: $75-$180/month


These are the 'other' costs of maintaining the music supply. These include my blood sweat & tears (and trust me there's a lot of those) as well as stretch goals for things like upgrading my home studio where all of the music is recorded. I work as a web designer in my day job, normally this would be another project expense, but generally I handle this myself too. These expenses are largely things I am happy to volunteer, but I'd love for the project to grow to a point where it could help with these as well.

  • Recording Labour: $1200+/month
  • Web Design & Maintenance Labour: $250/month
  • Home Studio + Instrument Improvements: $500+/year
  • Software Upgrades: $250/year
  • TOTAL: $1500+/month

Your support goes directly toward the immediate costs of producing music for free & keeping this project sustainable.


Here is the bottom line. I produce original music. I let creative folks use that music for free so that they can focus on being creative. You can help me do that (as well as gain access to a huge collection of tunes for your own projects) by becoming a monthly Patron. Every bit really does help. Your hard-earned money will not only help maintain this project, but also helps the independent podcasters, filmmakers, Youtubers, etc. who use the library.

Of course, if you change your mind you can always cancel at any time!

Have a look at the site itself, browse around, listen to some tunes and then decide if you'd like to become part of it! :)
Check out at the music supply!


This video should help answer any other questions you've got about this whole Patreon shindig.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to check this project out, it means a lot.

- Christopher

53% complete
  • Sustainability! All monthly project operating costs are covered! Even labour! This is honestly a dream come true. I'll pinch myself every day.
  • I can officially commit to the music supply part-time (~24 hours/week)! This will mean more music, more community perks, and more fun behind-the-scenes.
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