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The start of something beautiful. In cookie form!

  • Credit name in non-commercialized animations/games.
  • HT comic pages up to a week early.
  • My everlasting gratitude (seriously. It counts). 
Cupcake Patron
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A fine cupcake patron gets all above benefits, plus:

  • Sneak peaks on upcoming pages
  • Access to full-sized, high-res comic pages 
Pie Patron
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A super sweet slice of pie patron get all above benefits, plus a one-time purchased code to my exclusive gallery including:
  • Secret sketches and panels unused in the final pages
  • Comic comparisons "CC's": Access to draft panels
  • Behind-the-scenes commentary on sketches
  • Exclusive sneak-peeks on future projects




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Welcome to Sour Apple Studios! I'm a freelance artist/game developer who loves telling stories in all ways possible. My biggest project atm is writing and illustrating the fancomic Horrortale. 

You can view more on my website:

The comic can be read on deviantart and tumblr and is updated on Mondays. But if you'd like to donate a little something per page release (4x a week) here are some tidbits (and LOTS of love):
-Any amount earns you access to pages up to a week early (previous Thursdays the latest). If life happens and I cannot meet this deadline, then the page is uncharged. 
-The $5 "Pie" tier requires only one charge to give you full-time access to my exclusive gallery, featuring unused comic panels, secret sketches, screenshots of hidden side projects and general files I use for my creations that I'm ready to share with you. Once you have that link, it is yours forever :) 

Thank you so much for dropping by!

$50 - reached! per Comic Page
With this amount, I can resume releasing at least 1 Horrortale page per week!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts

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