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Word Salad
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Heartfelt thanks from me to you! 

Someone on my email list assessed my written musings as word salad. I wrote back thanking him for this candid characterization and asked if he'd like his dressing on the side.

When not engaged in spiritual heroics, time travel, re-reading favorite books and binge watching doily movies -- that one's from my older son -- I'm a damn funny, very playful, joyful, being who has mad crazy pattern recognition and connect the dots skills.

Ask my friends.
We co-create everything in our life experience. Waking up to this responsibility is a trip.

I'll co-create New Blog Posts and Videos from my life experience and perspective as I have plenty of both. In exchange, I offer you the opportunity to be a first reader of content which will only be available here until my work is published and available in the free library systems in the U.S. and Canada. This will include my've been forewarned.

I so appreciate your continuing support while I press on organizing and edit book material for publication.

Writing is a lonely endeavor and editing is agony.  Ink, ink, more ink, dozens of notebooks, and millions of mouse clicks THANK YOU!
Peace & Blissings,
Shareable Waves & Hosted Gates
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Everything is energy. Everything is information. Energy and information are the fundamentals of consciousness. Everything exists in relationship. 

This is our field of co-creation, our living web, a scalar wave of multidimensional energy! This is the energy of world change.

$3 a month gives Patrons access to our core wisdom weekly content  for Wavers. Tips keep you ascension ready. Learn to discern inorganic spins and spirals and cultivate the ability to heal yourself.

Be an active part of Mission Ascension.
Ride the Ascension Wave! Share Waves of Transformation!  

 Anaiis Salles

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Meeting the Beloved
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In the Spring of 2016, the Beloved made another powerful appearance in my  life as a literal bolt of personal lightning which struck out of the blue when I asked this question: Who am I not seeing? Who is not seated at the table of abundant transformation?

Our sacred union journey is more than a sacred coupling of divine feminine and divine masculine energies within the dance of creation. Meeting the Beloved is a stunning and mysteriously perfect reweaving of an entire soul tribe fueled by the love of our ancestors here on earth; ancestors we ourselves have been, generating new identities to carry this massive healing forward, culminating at this unique transit in space/time.

Our soul tribe, decimated and fragmented by a series of events taking place on Gaia’s multidimensional /space/time scale brings us back together -- all key players once again Meeting the Beloved. In a complex dance, we are reclaiming our healing power as individuals and soul wholeness within a family of kindred spirits. 

It is from this context that I offer supportive readings for women and men finding themselves similarly challenged, and enriched as we all explored the truth of being intimate, truthful, and in transparent relationships.




Thanks for your interest and support!

We found each other on Patreon!

I'm a  'truthers' whose insights and challenges to the 3D Construct paradigm cut close to the bone. I'm part of  a select community whose information is radical.

Patreon is the perfect place to connect with awakening and conscious co-creators.We are learning to nurture our Quantum reality. We are committed to heart-centered wholeness. Multidimensional beings, we know we are here for the amazing spiritual experience of 'ascension'.

Or if we're not yet sure? We're determined to find out.

Are you a born explorer of both inner and outer worlds? An Indigo Child who's eager to understand why your life is unfolding as it is? Interested in regaining your soul memory? Do you sense that channeling, prophecy and fortune-telling are power-give-away traps? Ready to do the challenging inner work of deconstructing your energetic Shadow and healing your DNA? Have you learned the huge role emotions play in co-creating your life experiences?

What's DNA got to do with all of this, anyway?

Perception of reality on 3D Earth, fallen and falling earth is distorted by highly polarized duality. This or that. An  inorganic construct, 3D Earth's binary code reality (Yin-Yang) only-two-choices-in-opposition-to-each-other-are-possible is an electrostatic artifact of eons of genetic manipulation.

It's 2020, and we're busting loose from hierarchy and its system of separation. 3D is a closed system, entropy in which human beings are "forced" to give up our life energy as much as wheat becomes grain to a farmer.

At this time of awakening, timeline shifts, new subtle senses, enhanced intuition, and energetic expansions which, once told as tall tales of ancient spiritual masters, are happening in a global, mass awakening! We are expanding into more refined consciousness and embodying frequencies are DNA is designed to use in building health, well-being, and connection to Source.

Every empowering, life-changing journey we've been on is the result of:
  • passionate, heart-and-soul inspired desire
  • embracing the unknown
  • encouraging fellow travelers you meet on your road home
  • accepting guidance from your Wisdom body
  • recognizing an embodied mentor or teacher who is an expression of spiritual maturity 
  • energetic mastery

As for me, I am World Traveler. Healer. Uncompromising Awakened Sovereign Soul. Sacred Water Bearer. Flame Keeper. I live from a foundation of Truth, Transparency, and Trust. And so are you.

I've been a spiritual mentor and a conscious co-creator for more than 30 years.

In my work-a-day world Clark Kent persona, I'm an entrepreneur, innovator, Bioenergetics practitioner, and wellness advocate blessed who blissfully serves an international client and student base.

I have awakened more than 12 strands of DNA and I'm experiencing bioregenesis as a result. I've also brought through a line of frequency embedded structured water free and the information is of digital technology. I remember skills I had in Atlantis when we lost our opportunity to return Home  through safe gates back into domains of aligned Source creation.

Curious about ascension? Your mission as an awakened spiritual warriors? On a path of ascension trusting it's a huge adventure into the Great Intelligent Mystery where we grow together.

You amaze me! 
Learn more about me here:

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