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About SourcedFact

Why journalism with open fact checking?

When it comes to our governments and important public issues, the best evidence-based journalism is getting drowned out in a sea of misinformation. SourcedFact helps great journalism stand out by making the fact checking behind it as accessible to readers as possible.

How is SourcedFact different?

  • Many important projects are working to chase down, flag, and correct misinformation — but the work it takes to refute misinformation is much, much greater than the work to produce it. Instead of chasing down every piece of misinformation, SourcedFact is helping the best journalism stand out from everything else.
  • The long term goal is to enable any writer, anywhere on the web — not just on — to use this technology to make their fact checking open and accessible to their readers.

How are we making fact checking accessible to readers?

SourcedFact not only enables journalists to share their evidence inline for every fact in an article, but to also walk the reader through the complexities of that evidence. Primary source evidence is often long and complicated, that's why just linking to evidence isn't very accessible to readers. SourcedFact enables journalists to annotate their evidence and to break down fact checks that involve multiple documents in a way that's easy for readers to follow.

Of course, not all journalism is backed by publicly reviewable evidence; some is backed by first-hand accounts and/or anonymous sources. Nevertheless, we believe that making journalism supported by public evidence as accessible to readers as possible will be a major step in the fight against misinformation.

The expectation is not that every reader will review every single fact check within the articles they read, just like not every consumer reads the ingredient lists on food packages (yet few people would argue against the value of open ingredient lists). By making every step of our fact checking process open for everyone to see, we empower readers to verify what they read for themselves if and whenever they wish.

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