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Thank you for your support! 

In the ~wildflower~ tier, you get access to Patron-only exclusives such as sketches,  journal updates, and processes, posted here first and some of these only seen in an Instagram story before it's gone in 24 hours! Here, they'll stay foreverrr. 

~ indoor grown ~
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In the ~indoor grown~ tier, you get the same Patron-only exclusive access as ~wildflower~ but also included are :

  • A full preview of an illustration a week before posting them publicly online
  • A downloadable left handed doodle to use as a screensaver and more
  • Along with a tiny thank you note for being an ~indoor grown~ patron

Left hand doodles are intuitive contour drawings using either white ink on a black post it or black ink on a white post it. 



About ClarizeYale

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my Patreon page. My name is ClarizeYale (KLUH-ree-zee-yayl) and I am a Filipina-American artist and illustrator hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. 

I enjoy drawing ladies, cute stuff, plants, and even dark and moody stuff and creating them with ink, watercolor, markers, and more recently, digitally. Becoming a Patron would mean so much to me as that would mean you are supporting me and my work and providing me a way to live with a sustainable career in art and illustration while not having to have a day job to support one of my life's goal: to create beautiful artwork for others, you especially.

With the work that I create, I want to be able to provide beauty to those who wish to receive it. I don't just mean beauty by normal standards but the beauty that I see in what most people view as dark and unappealing. You will see this in my work as I love incorporating dark backgrounds, spooky themes, and taboo subjects. At times, you will see the lighter side as this reflects the duality of personality within me, like the Gemini that I am. One day, I hope to grow into creating work that encompasses both the dark and the light, breaking social norms of how beauty is perceived.

I recently left my full-time day job that did not fulfill my hearts desires, just the bills I needed to pay. I decided I would tackle art and illustration head on, I would at least like to get my operational costs on the positive side as I create, print and produce, and package everything from mine and my partners' tiny apartment. My hopes with growing my Patreon and my illustration career is that I would have enough to sustain myself as an artist and a creator.

Whether you like my page, follow me on instagram, share my work with others, or pledge any amount you can even if it's just once or as a returning patron, your support means so much and I can't thank you enough for wanting to help see one of my goals through. I hope I can provide you with a little bit of beauty in this world ♥

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