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Every dollar matters and this is no exception. If you're just looking to support me, my art, and Familiar, this is the budget-friendly way to do it. THANK YOU!

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For those who wanna see it first. Advanced Access patrons will get a password to view finished chapters of Familiar several days (usually a week) early, and a thank you in the credits of any chapters completed while they are patrons.


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  • Patreon-exclusive sketches and WIPs
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For those who want to help shape and influence the filler chapters of Familiar. Patrons at this level will have access to PATREON CONTENT POLLS which will help me direct the story of filler chapters. 



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About Soushiyo

About Familiar

Hello! Jude aka SOUSHIYO here. Thank you so much for investigating my Patreon and considering supporting me in this way. If you are already a Patron, double thanks for being such a bad-ass.

Familiar is a modern-day, slice-of-life comic about magick, work/life balance, BDSM, and relationships. It is primarily an eroticomedy romance with kink elements. It is queer and sex-positiveand magickal and kinky. Familiar is broken into two kinds of chapters; plot chapters (averaging 25 pages) which are mainly plot with some sexy times, and filler chapters (averaging 18 pages) which are fun sexcapades.

Familiar is free to read.
The final chapters are uncensored and available to the public as I publish them; this Patreon is not a paywall. However, in thanks for their financial support, Patrons have an opportunity to access some exclusive behind the scenes content, artwork, and content polls.

Thanks to Patreon's weird NSFW/adult content rules, I cannot link directly to my Twitter OR the comic site from my public Patreon page.
So, Google me (soushiyo) and find me on Twitter, and I will share all the information and naughty links there. (or become a Patron and get the links that way!)

Tiers & Rewards

Note about Discord: You will need to connect your Discord account to your Patreon account in order to access it. This link tells you how.


I didn't see my name in the credits! What's up?
Credits in Familiar are for the chapter I am working on during the month the subscription is for, and I am typically working 4-6 months ahead. That means, for example, if you joined Patreon in August, your first credit will appear in 09 WICK, which I was finishing in August. The credit schedule can be found on the Familiar website in the Chapter List table.

That said, if I ever miss you on a credits page, please notify me right away. I have to manually consolidate patron reports to get the list of names, so inevitably I will accidentally miss someone. Let me know so I can fix it. Thank you!

What's the deal with the Influencer Polls?
Influencer polls are posted here on Patreon once a month on the 15th of the month, and remain open to Influencer-tier Patrons until the end of the month. These polls give Patrons the chance to interact with the story of Familiar. They usually focus on a 3-4 page sequence of a chapter, with 3-4 options to choose from. Example include locations of scenes, the nature of a particular sexy activity, etc. I will post one poll per month. That way, even if a chapter takes me a little longer to get through, you'll have something to chew on.

How frequently will chapters come out?
Because this is a passion project (meaning I have another day job that has to take priority), I can't promise that Familiar chapters will be released on a scheduled basis. The first 6 chapters took about a year to complete, but my speed definitely improved over time with experience. I'd love to be able to do Familiar full time (hence Patreon...), but at the moment we're looking at about 2 months average per 25 page chapter.

That said, I do love this comic and will post in progress work here and on Twitter so you know where I'm at.

What are you going to do with my dollars?
I'm going to pay my bills. I'm an adult human with a mortgage. I will also probably use the dollars to maintain my drawing equipment. Depending on how successful this Patreon is, I am also open to producing fun Familiar-related content, like, I don't know, printed books or voice acted readings by professional voice talent. Who knows? Not me, but I am open to suggestions!
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New tier with sticker sub + merch shop
Once we reach this milestone goal, I will add a new Patreon sticker subscription tier with monthly stickers. and. a MERCH SHOP. More details TBD
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