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Every Thursday of every week we will discuss a particular topic on things within ourselves we can heal.

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About Southern Mystic

Hey everyone my name is Kiara and i want to thank you so much for Subscribing to the membership here on Patreon. The Membership is $40 per Month. I know what you're thinking wow $40???

With this membership you will receive
  1. 2 Readings Per Month (Career or Twinflame/Soulmate Valued at $70)
  2. Exclusive Content like daily and weekly updates
  3. Giveaways
  4. Much more
This is especially beneficial for my clients who purchase more than one reading a month. You're basically getting two readings for the price of one. Readings are between 20-30 minutes long.  Once again  thank you for joining The Southern Mystic Family.


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