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Greetings from Joshua Tree!

Ah, how do adventures begin? This one began about five years ago when Steve Brown, one of the "two Steves," was having lunch with a television producer in the Palm Springs area.  Steve, Brown, that is, a journalist, historian, musician, and pirate (it's a long story, best told over rum drinks), blurted out something about the desert deserving its own TV show.  He explained that a television show would convey the beauty, fun, and feel of the desert better than printed or online stories, and it would allow the desert's human characters to tell their own stories, in their own voices.

A few months later, Steve, Brown, that is, was discussing aphid poop with award-winning desert naturalist Pat Flanagan, and picking cholla needles out of his hand on television as the pilot for the series was filmed at the historic Oasis of Mara in Twentynine Palms.  And when it was time to record the theme song for the series, Steve, Rushingwind, that is, joined Steve, Brown, in the studio to perform it.

Later in the first season, the two Steves were reunited to perform music in the Indian Canyons of Palm Springs.  Steve Rushingwind, a three-time NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) winning Native Flute player, is also of Cahuilla/Opata and Mexican descent.  It was a homecoming of sorts for him, performing in the canyons of his ancestors, and to be honest, the music seemed to be welcomed in the canyons, by an audience that wasn't captured on camera.  It was a special, if not holy, moment.

When it came time for Season 2 of Southwest Stories, the two Steves joined forces again to create the new theme music for the show.  The two Steves began occasionally performing music together at events around southern California, and Steve, Rushingwind, that is, joined the other Steve, for the last episode of the season, Where the Old West Met the New.

In 2019, the two Steves reunited for Steve Rushingwind and The Native Groove's weekend performances at Marta Becket's legendary Amargosa Opera House, in Death Valley Junction.  Between performances, Steve, Brown, that is, played tour guide for the band as they visited Shoshone's Dublin Gulch, and the stunningly beautiful China Ranch Date Farm, in Tecopa.  While downing the heavenly coffee of the Amargosa Cafe, the two realized how much fun they were having and when Steve, Rushingwind, that is, said, "You should keep the TV show going," Steve, Brown, that is, had an even better idea - to keep the TV show going with both Steves co-hosting.

This new approach means inclusion of a Native perspective on the travels and experiences in Southwest Stories, as well as a whole lotta music and art (as Steve Rushingwind is an incredible visual artist as well as a highly talented musician).  The two Steves will take you on journeys through the region that will feature the diverse and colorful cultures that call the region home, sharing authentic experiences and destinations that will inspire you to hit the road yourself (sometimes, perhaps, with the two Steves).

Together, the two Steves are planning a new season of Southwest Stories that will take the series to a new level.  Production is planned for national distribution to all 350 PBS stations, with over 90 million monthly viewers, as well as for OTT TV (ROKU), with an additional 24+million regular viewers, and online platforms.  The show will continue to feature desert artists, musicians, chefs, historians, writers, creatives of all stripes, and regular folk too, of course.  While the show is by nature, overwhelmingly positive, we won't shirk from including the environmental, cultural, and indigenous issues that impact the region.  We have a passion for the Southwest, and we're not shy about advocating for it, or working to ensure its people and other inhabitants have a better future.  By the end of Season 3, we're planning to have built a network of viewers, supporters, and partners, to allow for not only Season 4, but for live events across the region where our supporters will be invited to join us for unique gatherings and experiences, and sometimes, to help make a positive difference for the Southwest.

Your support helps drive this production.  You are, in effect, co-producers and co-conspirators in our success, which if we're successful, will also drive the success of numerous others across the region.  We are endlessly grateful for your support, and hope to see you on the road as we produce Season 3, and beyond.

Our thanks,

Steve Brown & Steve Rushingwind
The Two Steves

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