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If 1/12th of my followers on Twitter pledged a dollar a month my final goal would already be met.  If you've enjoyed my standup, Twitter account or podcast, please consider pledging at this tier! 


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Get early access to podcast episodes before they go up on Tuesdays.  Get access to show notes from episodes of ILL REPUTE!  Works cited, pictures, and other things that just didn't make it into the show.  If you're interested in learning more about the topic of an episode, show notes are a great jumping off point! I will also follow you back on Twitter, so message me your twitter handle when you pledge! 


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Previous rewards, plus supplemental bonus pods where I riff on different topics or give advice based on questions you ask here or through DM, Twitter, Etc.  I'll post monthly queries.  Also providing poetry reading clips and excerpts from my writing projects! 



About Sovereign Syre

My name is Sovereign Syre. 

I'm a writer, comedian, amateur historian and recovering academic.  I've also starred in a lot of controversial (adult) films to fund my creative endeavors. 

My plan for world domination is three pronged:

The ILL REPUTE! podcast where me and Siouxsie Q. James discuss infamous women (aren't they all) throughout history, thereby normalizing fallen women and creating a context for our bad assness. 

Television show.  Working on a two pilots about STRONG FEMALE LEADS (lol).  This is the second part of my plan where a bad bitch from the wrong side of the tracks still does really amazing stuff and contributes to the plot through her actions not her affections.  THIS IS MY PLAN!  Then become huge showrunner breaking new ground all over Hollywood. 

One woman show thing.  Putting together my hour about my adventures in and out of the straight world that I can take around to festivals and become a festival darling and then reinvent comedy.  

While I'm still an active adult performer, I'd love to make the ILL REPUTE! podcast and my standup my full time job.  Hollywood isn't so sure about girls from the wrong side of the tracks like being able to get the direct support of fans of what I do is vital to continue the work I'm doing.  A pornstar isn't always an easy sell to late

How does it work?

Patreon allows you to sponsor the podcast and the rest of my creative endeavors for a set monthly amount.  You can change the amount you'd like to pledge at any time.  In exchange for your pledge, if you like, you get rewards like early access to the podcast, shownotes, stand up clips, mini pods, live feeds and SFW! skype calls.  

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At this level, I'm able to do a monthly web series on a bare bones budget.  I'm able to travel to NYC every three months to put myself through stand up "bootcamp" and I can continue my yearlong tour across America.  This also allows me to financially support myself without having to supplement my income through freelance work.  This gives me the time and energy to edit video of the podcast, stream on twitch, and all around improve the quality of OBSERVATIONS. 
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