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If 1/12th of my followers on Twitter pledged a dollar a month my final goal would already be met.  If you've enjoyed my standup, Twitter account or podcast, please consider pledging at this tier! 
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Get early access to podcast episodes before they go up on Tuesdays.  Get access to show notes from episodes of ILL REPUTE!  Works cited, pictures, and other things that just didn't make it into the show.  If you're interested in learning more about the topic of an episode, show notes are a great jumping off point! I will also follow you back on Twitter, so message me your twitter handle when you pledge! 


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Previous rewards, plus supplemental bonus pods where I riff on different topics or give advice based on questions you ask here or through DM, Twitter, Etc.  I'll post monthly queries.  Also providing poetry reading clips and excerpts from my writing projects! 



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