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Sovrynatti Initiate
$1 or more per month 7 patrons
  • Bonus podcast episodes including the Patreon-only Wednesday Q&A, the monthly LIVE Hangout Q&A, the "Star Trek Update," the "Star Wars Update," and the "Relationship Rhombus Show" with Dr. Stephanie Murphy, and many more!
  • Exclusive Patreon posts, including short fiction, show updates, and more!
  • The ability to use the Sovryn Tech Patreon Community page, and ask the Man of Tomorrow your questions!
Diletante in the Triple-Black Arts
$5 or more per month 28 patrons
  • Access to the EXCLUSIVE monthly podcast series "U.S.E.R." which explores the nature of the universe, ethics, and personal freedom.
  • Exclusive posts sharing insights on the wilder aspects of ideas on Sovryn Tech.
  • Plus all rewards from previous levels. 
Master of the Triple-Black Arts
$100 or more per month 0 patrons
  • Private 1 hour conversation with the Golden Stallion himself, Brian Sovryn, once a month! You can talk to him about anything: tech consulting, security consulting, matters of love, science, history, gaming...anything!
  • Plus all rewards from previous levels.