Sox Lunch is creating a yellow brick road to the 2018 World Series.

Single - Sponsor an Intern

$3.99 /mo
Interns are the heart and soul of the Sox Lunch newsroom. This tier of sponsorship will help subsidize our season of drinking beer and eating pizza in front of them.  It's the only way they will le...

Double - The Sox Lunch Special

$9.99 /mo
You support the hustle & grind of a 162 season by this SL staff.  

Triple - Sox Lunch Nation

$19.99 /mo
You're a card carrying member of Sox Lunch (we'll send you the card) and will receive an invite to our Fenway meetups.  Must be 18 or older and not a jerk.  

Home Run - The Genesis Foundation

$49.99 /mo
We'll donate all of these sponsorships to the  They do great work and have a deep history with the Red Sox.