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About David West

Space Abyss is an indie mmorpg. It's a persistent, single universe, focusing on creating a wonderful sandbox for players to enjoy. Some basic features include:

  • Explore the galaxy - find planets, asteroids, crashed ships, space stations, and more
  • Land on the planets to explore the local ecosystem. Each planet has varied monster types and things that grow on them. You can even build structures on most planets!
  • Build larger and better spaceships. You can walk around, and build things on your spaceship.
As you progress in Space Abyss, you'll notice there are some more advanced things you can do:
  • Take over entire planets with planetary level artificial intelligences, giving them rules to govern the planet the way you want it to be governed.
  • Switch your consciousness between radically different bodies. Human, machine, alien. Become an octopus and live out life in a spaceship filled with water!
  • Build Space Stations that are persistent in the universe. Protect them with an artificial intelligence, and let players dock at them.
Manufacturing, researching, surgery for advanced equipping, salvaging, and much more!

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