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All tier 1$ rewards, plus my little kitty hugs. You are the main support, as everyone relies on ground control. 
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All tier 1$ and 5$ rewards, plus magic space cat good vibes sent your way. Build the way for things to happen....or explode. Either way it looks cool.
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 All tier 1$ and 5$ rewards, plus a monthly single color doodly sketch, and if you like, you can mentally send a wish to my millipedes, and they may use their bug magic to grant it! Explore the cosmos for adventure and discovery!

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About Keetah Spacecat

Hello Friends! Welcome to my Patreon Page!

My name is Keetah, I am an artist living in PA with my boyfriend and girlfriend. I also have pet millipedes! Art is how I make my living due to several medical issues I have. Every dollar donated is greatly appreciated and goes to food, car stuff, and bills. With a better safety net, I won't have to take so many commissions and that will give me free time to work on stories and comics that I can share with everyone! 

Mostly this Patreon will be kinda random in content, as I dabble in a LOT of things. The things I'm mostly known for is Horror/Creepypasta, Pet bug care sheets and facts,Transformation art, Cute designs, Fanfiction, speculative alien life forms, world building, and other odds and ends. 

What do you get for supporting me? 

My undying thanks and gratitude, but there are also pledge tiers that will offer as much as I can to properly thank you for supporting me. 

✮1$ tier✮ 

- You get to vote on what gets drawn next, for single images and comics and stories!
- You get to see art a month in advance.
- Access to WIP stuff and sketches. (This would be patreon only. Finished stuff will be released as normal).
-Coloring book pages. Would be fun for people to color maybe just for some fun and kicks i think? It would certainly encourage some creativity. Nothing too detailed.
- A monthly 15% off coupon code for my Etsy shop

✮5$ tier✮

-Everything from the 1$ tier.
-High rez downloads of art/comics.
-PDF files of comics and stories packaged nicely like a book. Read on the go! This also includes sketchbooks.

✮10$ tier✮

- Everything in the 1$ and 5$ tier
- You get to request a doodly sketch! It can be anything you like, with rough lines and flat color and limited backgrounds. There are limited slots for now, but they will increase the more I get into the groove of things. Here are a few examples of the quality you can expect of them. Examples [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ]

Thank you all...Bless you all. I am eternally grateful :)

✮ Find me / Contact me at other places! 
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$400 – reached! per month
Not only will bills and food be taken care of, but I can also put money aside for the next time my car breaks down. It may only have 48tho miles on it, but it's a 2006 chevy. She's an old bird and things will break. When this goal is met I'll start making art videos to post, so you guys can see what goes on in the background! 
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