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SpaceDock is the largest Mod hosting Site for Kerbal Space Program.

It now supports other games, too.

When i started playing Kerbal Space Program i found this amazing community full of realy intelligent people.
As some of you might now im unemployed and my computer is held together by spit and good will.
Unable to donate money to those amazing Modmakers i offered my time instead.
The result was a Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer Website for Darklights great Mutiplayer Addon.

When the creator of Kerbalstuff (the biggest Kerbal Space Program Modding Site) surprisingly quit i was asked to step up.

And so SpaceDock came to be.

As member of the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) protecting private data is one of my highest goals.
So i set myself ambitious standarts:
  • No ads
  • No third party services
  • No Premium / Payed accounts
  • No Corporate bullshit

I wont have any ads or paid accounts.

But for this to work out i need your help.

The Site purely lives off your donations

Regular updates are posted here

If you want me to add a feature or a game
just ask
on the forums
on #spacedock

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