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Brian Rubin (Space Game Junkie)

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About Brian Rubin (Space Game Junkie)

What is this?

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon campaign for my beloved computer space game-centric blog,  Space Game Junkie! Space Game Junkie is a love letter to the space game genre, a haven for developers and fans to come together and share their love of spaceships, space stations, even space suits. I've been running Space Game Junkie for a little over seven years now, and while it's doing well, I know it can do better, and that comes down pretty much to me. I put a lot of time and soul into Space Game Junkie, and while I'm proud of the work I've done, I know I can do more. In losing my last job, I now have the time, brainpower and willpower to dedicate myself to Space Game Junkie far more than ever before, even full-time if possible. To make this dream a reality, I could use some help, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Who are you?

Oh, me? Thanks for asking! My name is Brian Rubin, and I've been playing video games since the mid 1970s, starting with one of the original home Pong machines. Remember those? Eventually, I got an Atari and a TRS-80, and had a wonderful time playing games like Lunar Lander, Yar's Revenge and so many more. The game that really got to me, however, was Starflight in 1996, which happened to be my first DOS-based game on an old Tandy 1000 EX. Ever since then I've been in love with games that involve space in some way, whether you fly a spaceship or build a space station. I created Space Game Junkie back in 2011 after being inspired by the CRPG Addict, whose goal is to play through every computer role-playing game in chronological order. I began the site as a way to play through all the early space games I missed on other platforms, not knowing we were about to be part of a massive space game resurgence. Now the site has morphed into something completely different, and better, than what I originally intended.

What is Space Game Junkie?

My passion. My love letter to the space game genre. A community of like-minded space game fans, and so much more. Space Game Junkie began life as a simple blog, but now it's morphed into a fairly popular  YouTube channel, a  Twitch channel, a weekly podcast wherein we've had dozens of game developers and fans on to discuss the wonders of space gaming, a Steam Curator and a busy Discord server. The channel basically covers space-focused gaming made for home computing platforms, from the original SpaceWar! to Elite: Dangerous and beyond. The site doesn't yet cover mobile or console games because I'm not as familiar with them, and because there's some equipment I still need to acquire. With that said, there's a long, long list of games to be covered, and I hope to not only help engage with fans about the classics they love, but help fans find new space games to fall in love with as well. In moving toward full-time content creation, I also plan more varied genre streams, more written content, more community engagement and much more.

What will you be creating?

I try to make my site as fun and engaging as possible, and to that end Space Game Junkie offers the following:

* Game-Focused Videos - I'll be creating game-focused video content that covers reviews of new and classic games, previews of upcoming games, games centered around a specific theme, and so much more. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube and be free for everyone.

* The Space Game Junkie Podcast - My cohosts Jim Hunt, Hunter Mullins, Spaz and I sit down every week to discuss space gaming, whether it's games surrounding a specific theme, the latest news, or talking to a developer about their game. As I write this, the podcast is nearing 300 episodes, and we're nowhere near running out of things to talk about or people to talk to.

* Regular Streaming Events - For years, we have streamed Tuesdays, for our Podcast, and regular multiplayer games on Thursdays. Now we'll be adding streams Monday through Friday regularly as well, alongside other streams that might pop up.

* Other Types of Content - I also plan to do regular opinion pieces, textual Q&As with game developers (sometimes folks don't want to do a podcast, which is totally understandable), specific Games of the Week and more!

* Who Knows What Else? - I am always trying to come up with new ideas, or maybe you have a suggestion for something to try? I'm always trying to expand the site's content to make it more fun and engaging.

* Ultimately, a Community - Between story and video comments, an active Discord server, a lively Facebook Group, forums and events, I want to foster a community of space game fans who come together for the common love of the spaceship.

Where Do I Come in?

While I had a job, I used this as a way to avoid ads. I hate ads. Now, however, as I plan to make this a full-time endeavor, ads will be a necessarily evil. Sadly, however, they won't be enough on their own. This campaign will be a major contributor in hopefully making this my full-time job so I can work for you (rather than seeking out new employment), along with maintaining and/or purchasing new equipment and more. By supporting this Patreon campaign, you're supporting not only my work in covering space games from developers large and small, but supporting a growing community of fans and developers coming together to share their love of space games.

What Can I Expect as a Patron?

Honesty. Passion. Love. Respect. The same things that you'd get if you weren't a Patron. Let me be clear that this campaign is purely optional, and my dedication won't change whether you support the site or not. My content will always be honest, passionate and hopefully engaging and enjoyable. I've also created tiers with varied rewards which hopefully are in line with the donations requested. While Space Game Junkie is my baby, it'll take a village to make it truly remarkable. At certain tiers, you'll also be able to help generate content, have access to Patron-exclusive content (not sure what yet, but it'll happen) and even merch.

Honesty, Above All Else

I've mentioned honesty a few times, and I want to be clear about something that's pretty important. No matter where I get a game from, be it a key from a developer or a publisher, I buy it myself, a gift from a friend or heck, an abandonware site, I will judge every game has honestly as I have every other game I've covered, no matter the source. This means, for example, if I received a game for free from a publisher and I don't like it, I'll say so, clearly and distinctly. While I love this genre and always try to be positive, that won't stop me from being critical of a game if I feel it's deserving of such a critique.

What Will Our Funds Be Used For?

The goal of this campaign is ultimately, to help me be financially self-sufficient enough to do this on a full-time basis. This means not just streaming, but written content, podcasts, more videos and so on. I hope, at least initially, to supplement funds from Patreon with freelance work in order to pay bills, but the ultimate goal is to be able to afford to devote all of my time to Space Game Junkie without needing additional employment. That means not only paying bills like rent, Internet and so on, but also maintaining existing equipment or buying new equipment as needed, acquiring new games for the channel as needed and so on. The more support I get means not only I can pay my bills, but I can make this channel even better in the long run. 

I therefore thank you for visiting my Patreon page, and if you choose to become a Patron, I thank you doubly for that as well. Have a wonderful day.
$217.10 of $1,000 per month
VR! At this goal, I should finally be able to justify a VR rig. :)
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