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is creating apps for tracking spaceflight events and news!
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About Space Launch Now


My name is Caleb Jones - I started Space Launch Now as a weekend project back in early 2015 as a hobby pet project. I wanted a way to see when the next SpaceX launch was so I built a small simple Android app to display launch data. I shared that app on /r/spacex and /r/androidapps and received thousands of people interested in testing and using that early application.

Four years later and Space Launch Now has grown to supports hundreds of thousands of users, applications on Android and iOSDiscord and Twitter bots, a fully featured website, and a public developer API.

We now have a small but dedicated staff that help make sure the data is accurate and services are running smoothly. We track each flight of every SpaceX booster,every docking event on the International Space Station and every astronaut who has ever flown. We bring you the latest news and to-the-second countdowns of every rocket launch around the world.

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