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Hi! I’m Laura, the writer and creator of the Space Mantis Podcast. Thanks so much for checking out my Patreon page!

Space Mantis is a labor of love that has been put together by friends from all around the US and the world, from Alaska to Denmark to Singapore and all manner of places in between.

While I’m the writer, the work in no way stops there. We have about twenty voice actors contributing to Season 1 (ranging from a few people with small one-time parts to people who appear in every episode); we have two amazing audio guys who take all the clips from all the actors and put them all together make the episodes; we have an artist who makes the website and all the other online content look amazing; and up until now, everyone has been doing it for free.

I feel so infinitely fortunate to have so many people willing to contribute their time and talent to this project! They’re all authors just like me with their own creative projects and their own lives, but they carve out time in their busy schedules to record lines, puzzle together audio, and make online content.

We have plans to start Season 2, make some videos, advertise, supply merchandise, reimburse voice actors for the equipment they’ve bought to do their recordings, and more. Your support will help Space Mantis keep going, getting out into the world and reaching more listeners.

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