Space Station 14

is creating a multiplayer chaos simulator that reimagines Space Station 13.

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About Space Station 14

Welcome to Space Station 14!

We are developing Space Station 14, an online sandbox role-playing game that that pits crewmembers of a decaying space station against an onslaught of sabotage, betrayal, and stupidity-induced accidental catastrophe. The game will feature dozens of playable crew and enemy roles, combined with in-depth simulations of physical systems and station departments. This all contributes to chaotic, story-packed rounds that last about an hour each.

Space Station 14 is a total overhaul of its predecessor, Space Station 13, that transcends the limitations of its ancient engine.

A Little Bit of History

Space Station 13 was initially created as an atmospherics simulator by user Exadv1 in 2003, and since its inception has grown to become the cult classic game of chaos and deception it is today, with a continually thriving and passionate community.

There's just one problem: Space Station 13 was built on BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream), an engine created in 1996 primarily for, at the time, text based MUD games. BYOND, while certainly functional back then, is extremely inefficient and limiting for modern games, and especially for a project the scope of Space Station 13; the interface is clunky, the game constantly suffers from bugs and lag, and many gameplay systems are quite shallow, often due to the restrictions of the engine.

Enter Space Station 14

From (some of) the devs that brought you SS13, Space Station 14 has been built from the ground to be fast, modular, cross-platform, as well as fully moddable and extendable. Anyone can add basic items or variations to the game via the easily accessible YAML prototype system, and with some knowledge of C#, add or modify even core functionalities and systems.

In addition, while the core elements of Space Station 13 remain intact, SS14 seeks to expand on what made the original game so enjoyable and amplify it. We're revisiting the game design, cutting out the jank and boredom while enhancing the interface, gameplay, and details. Veteran players will have no problem making the move - hotkeys, interactions, and combat are all familiar, but have been given a touch of new life.

Why Patreon?

Space Station 14 is a free, open source project, and as such receives no funding from any sales or such. With the aid of devoted players and contributors, we can raise money to accelerate the development of the game. This money can then be spent on productivity software, hosting, work commissions, and more! Patreon also allows us to thank our supporters by providing reward tiers that directly benefit those who are invested in the game.

In addition to providing rewards, we will also regularly post a financial statement that shows how our income is being used in the game's development. We want to give our patrons full trust and confidence, and we believe that being 100% transparent about how the money is being used is best.

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