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is creating video game cinema & virtual film productions.
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About Space Timer Studios

Space Timer Studios is a short film and virtual photography project that creates high quality cinematic contents with video games.

This creative project applies cinematic storytelling, filmmaking techniques, film editing & digital image processing to expand the gaming experience through collaborations between video game players.

Now you can support the Space Timer Studios production, learn more about my virtual filmmaking experience and gain access to the creative process behind my works.

Why Patreon?
A few reasons:
1. I want to explore more with cinematic productions and gaming.
2. I need to dedicate time to this because filmmaking takes time.
3. I can use a place to share my experience; a space that can hold these information longer than the Instagram story.
4. I'm hoping to make this project sustainable.
5. Patreon is a platform I can get supported financially to keep this project going.

What to expect as a patron?
For gamers, artists and fans: Space Timer Studios will improve over time because of your support! You'll learn more about the work and receive news about what's going on in the studio. There will be opportunities to test with Space Timer and join my virtual photography and film productions. 

For video editors and filmmakers: I've been doing professional video editing and post-production ever since and I'm still learning everyday to improve my work. You'll learn more about the insight of my projects, the creative process and what motivates me

Rewards and benefits may also evolve as the page grows when I find out what's valuable to my members.

(images captured with Red Dead Online by Space Timer)

Who is Space Timer?
I'm a professional video editor, photographer and motion graphics designer with a passion for filmmaking. I had also been involved in music production and was VJing for several years.

Cinematic audio/visual has always been my thing. I started to play Red Dead Online in December 2018 and realized this game opens up many new doors for video editors and filmmakers to experiment with ideas.

Space Timer was created on Instagram (@space.timer.x) to share my virtual photography and soon expanded to Space Timer Studios as filmmaking started to take place in my creative process. 

What is Red Dead Online?
Red Dead Online (RDO) is a multiplayer version of a western themed video game Red Dead Redemption II from Rockstar Games.

The expanding and evolving open world environment makes RDO a unique creative sandbox for visual artists and film creators to explore ideas.


THANK YOU and join me to make Space Timer Studios a sustainable creative project that brings more quality contents.

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