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Hey kiddo I'm Spacie, and I spend my time making things for the internet!

Some of my recent projects are:
  • Theory - A site where I'm going to be creating many more interactive exercises on music theory.
  • Layers - On ongoing project to see if its possible to create a useful audio editor and arranger that works in your browser.
  • From cells to systems - A site for exploring and learning about cellular automata.
  • Snakes on a (complex) plane - A little toy for exploring complex mathematical functions.
  • My Youtube Channel - Assorted videos on whatever I happen to be doing!

Check out my personal site here for more links and projects!

I can't guarantee what exactly I'll be doing with my time if you choose to give me that sweet cash, but there will probably be code, audio and weirdness involved somehow! Maybe! Who knows! Not me! AhhH!

In the future I'll add / edit more specific tiers with benefits relating most likely to Youtube content or suggested educational things to work on, but for now I just wanted to get this thing up!

Thanks for checking this page out <3
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