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A first-run DVD copy of King’s Tower Productions’ debut feature film, The Amateur Monster Movie, featuring over 6 hours of bonus content (ships after first pledge is made)
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About Jozef

KING'S TOWER PRODUCTIONS (director, Jozef K. Richards)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in King's Tower Productions. We make films and series in hopes of helping inform and entertain through open expression of uncensored ideas and intelligent comedy, against beautiful, unique and/or memorable imagery.

On larger projects hundreds of hours can go into editing and thousands of dollars can go into production. To keep up with content it becomes difficult to finish projects without adequate funding. While we are still building an audience, financial support from fans can help take us to the next level, reach more people, and bring more content at a higher quality and rate.

Money will be used to cover running costs such as rental fees, electricity, internet, digital storage space, props, costumes, transportation, and, upon reaching certain milestones, upgrades and additions to equipment and crew as well.

Information on current projects can be found on our website here.

Remember, you can set limits on your pledges. Rewards will be redeemed at the end of each pay cycle. ~THANK YOU

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