SpadeStitch is creating comics, visual novels, reviews & misc art.

Patreon List

$1 /mo
Added to the Patreon list on my blog.

Helpful Puppers

$5 /mo
Access to exclusive works in progress. Eg. Concept art, background design & screenshots. "Behind the Scenes" Reward Tier. 

Sweetie Skunks

$15 /mo
Early access to comics one week before upload.

Sweet Shop Cashiers

$20 /mo
Gain access to "Bitter Sweet"'s script updates, scraps and ideas. This includes deleted scenes, story map and future ideas as the game is updated.

Junior Officers

$70 /mo
This reward tier includes a free T-shirt for first time payments, and any new merchandise created after this will be sent to you for free. (Merchandise will be shipped after your next payment).