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My name is Sofía, I am from a small town in the North of Spain, Burgos, but my parents are from Albacete and Murcia so I have always a rich variety of food at home.

I have 8 siblings so, over I was a kid we have cooked all together with my mum, it was lots of fun and we learned a lot.
I have always loved cooking, but my favorite part is to eat it.

I want to share my culture, and to teach people that don't know how to cook and want to learn. I make easy recipes so everyone can join in and enjoy tasty and homemade food!
So I invite you to learn these recipes and create your own style plus learn how to save money using fresh ingredients.

I am developing a channel and a website, if you wish you can patreon me and help me to make this happen, i would be very grateful and it will help me a lot to be able to make more videos and keep writing my recipe book.

Check and enjoy my channel on YouTube: Spanish recipes with Sofia
Cooking is very easy and very enjoyable whilst following my videos, you´ll see how easy it is to make fresh, tasty Spanish food in very little time.

Share your cooking experience with me! When someone send me a picture of a recipe they learn from my videos, it makes me really happy!

Cook with love,

Gracias, thank you,


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