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Thanks for taking the time to drop by and check out what SparcMX is all about.
I've been programming for many years now, creating useful and not so useful tools for businesses to increase productivity.  On the side, I create weird and wonderful programs to satisfy my curiosity of "What if?".  After all, the land of spreadsheets and databases is not terribly stimulating!

First project released to the wild was ARK Commander, a program to assist admins running game servers for Ark: Survival Evolved, but with a twist.  Commander also contains a massive library of items and creatures that you can spawn in, a killer app for Builders!

Couple this with the new HiVE system that simplifies getting the latest MOD blueprints into Commander seamlessly.  Our team ensures our library is the largest, most accurate Mod blueprint library on the Internet!

We now have a mapping system to track every living creature in-game in realtime, breakdowns of Tribe/Player/Tames all with positioning information and multiple map support.

Update: Violet Exchange extracts mapping information to an SQL database so remote Commander clients can obtain positional data across a span of time (Live-Link).  Watch the Tame population grow in time-lapse!

The RCON client has been developed from the ground up, once completed, will be a tough challenger to the existing clients available today.
Nearly 2 years on and Commander has built quite the following, serving over 300,000 downloads and seen thousands of times on YouTube daily.  
I'm now branching out to support other games and creating more unique programs to use with those games.  Sky is the limit!
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Bug Bash and Release Violet Exchange to Patreons
Features include;
  1. Linked Global chat across multiple servers
  2. Discord Relay allowing Discord to Ark, Ark to Discord chat
  3. Server Agent to control Ark servers via Discord bot commands.
  4. Shutdown, update or kill a dead server.
  5. See the server desktop remotely (visual only)
  6. Discord bot announced server statistics and alerts.
  7. Players can register their SteamID64 with the bot which triggers an auto-role assignment.
    Last On, Total Time, Join Date and Discord Participation is recorded to assist with prizes, events and map cleaning.
  8. A boat load of typical Discord bot commands to liven up your channels.
  9. No Webhooks, Violet is a pure bot that takes advantage of the latest Discord API.
And any Patron request that screams 'Awesome!', you guys have some of the best ideas!
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