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In contrast to my usual smoking weed and thinking about getting stuff done, I actually got some stuff done yesterday! When I woke up I took the bus to Jo's house, where we made eggs and hungout until I returned on the same bus I rode in upon; this time with Jo. She worked from 5 to midnight. I waited at the hostel where she works, and I live, for my roommate Casey to arrive, then both him and I headed to Westfield Mall. The mission was simple: Try On Shoes, specifically Keen Newport's, but lets be honest, any Keens would do. The trip turned out to be a disappointment in regards to shoes; The Walking Company let me down when they didn't carry Keen's in the store 'anymore.' Casey later referred to “The store where those people were assholes to us,” and upon him prompting my memory I agreed that the employees of The Walking Company had been quite off-putting, and didn't seem interested in my feet the least bit. I chose The Walking Company because it was a store I had heard of. Last I was aware there was one at Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee WI, and although I never stepped foot in there I always felt as if someday I would. That time came in San Francisco! and look what shambles my expectations have shattered to! The eventual outcome was that I purchased Keen's from the Keen website last night, and I have a strong suspicion I am going to be pleased with the product I receive. My Grandfather helped me purchase these shoes, and without him my heels would be doomed this summer. Oh my! I didn't realize what a rambling session I was getting myself into when I began to write this morning. So as yall may or may not know, several months ago I bought myself a new pair of shoes manufactured by the brand Born. Well, I walk just about 100 miles every month, according to Google, and now I have punctured a hole in my Born shoes. Quick af! I spent $70 on the Born shoes AT A NORDSTROM RACK. Am I disappointed in the shoe? Honestly, no. I am disappointed in myself for believing this shoe would hold up to my lifestyle. I should have bought Keen shoes AND these Born shoes at the same time, then I'd have a nice rotation to keep my shoes, and my feet, in grand condition. With the conclusion of this paragraph, I have decided I am going to write an email to Born Shoes; a plea for them to return the shoes I bought 3 months ago to good working order. I am not expecting anything, but I must try!

Would you like to empower writing such as what I have presented above?

Welcome to the backdoor of my blog! For the last three years I have been writing a personal blog as I worked in hostels, did a little traveling, and most important: overcame alcoholism.

Recently I have begun a second blog at This new project is aimed to inspire and empower alcoholics and addicts, with education and real life experience at the core of it's philosophy.

Most of my writing is done stream-of-consciousness style, but at the end of my story, I hope they consider me great not just as a blogger, but also as a poet, novelist, and philosopher.

They will remember me as a great story teller, not a great teller of stories; I hope!

To maintain a harsher focus on my goals regarding writing [well and a lot of it], I have adopted patronage as a noble and democratic path toward financial freedom.

Thank You for your support, and in exchange for this support you will receive access to jaunty written content, y videos jugosos [I can't speak Spanish, but I'd love to write from downtown Madrid].

With your significant support, I will be able to freely and without bounds do what I love: Write about life, the universe, and everything!
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