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About SparkyLinux


We are enthusiasts of open-source and Linux users.

It completely changed our life and push us for working.

An idea of creating a Linux based operating system was born at the end of 2011.

This is how SparkyLinux was created - a free and open source operating system which changed our lives and made our hands full of work, because:
• we create dedicated applications
• we assemble and test the system
• we prepare documentation in Polish and English and publish it on the Polish site - for users from Poland, and English - for users from around the world.

Currently, SparkyLinux is popular all around the world, as evidenced by numerous articles in big Polish and other computer magazines

So SparkyLinux is our life and our full time work, because we are not under "normal" employment, to be able to fully reflect our passion of creation.

We provide our full knowledge in the form of numerous guides and publications as well as the SparkyLinux OS completely free of charge.

We need your support for:
- VPS + additional support
- domain renewal
- internet fee
- electricity, etc ...
- computers for creating and testing SparkyLinux
- laptops and tablets for field work, to be on-line all the time and anywhere to help everyone
- computer accessories, such as keyboards, monitors, mice, memory cards, USB sticks or hard drives, which quickly fill up with terabytes of data and fans for PCs or laptop cooling pads, for covers / bags and other perishable components
- monitors our knowledge: books, courses, trainings, etc...
- our work, because as we wrote earlier, SparkyLinux is our job - if we work for someone else, we would not have time for all of this, but we would still like to do much more for you.

Best Regards
Aneta and Paweł
$69.50 of $1,700 per month
The money will allow us to live and create in easy environment, without worrying about whether we will survive another month, and whether there will be any incoming from the adds we alredy have or not.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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