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About Spartaco Margioni

Hello all and welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Spartaco Margioni and I'm an artist, illustrator based in Denver, Colorado. I have been working as a professional artist for over 25 years in various art fields from animation, multimedia, video games, commercials, mobile games, graphic design, web development and conceptual art. Creating art is who and what I am and I have been fortunate to work on some great projects. I want to share my experiences with you to inspire, push, and evolve this creative energy into this world within Patreon for as long as we have coffee.
If you decide to become my patron you will receive rewards for your contribution, starting at $1 a month and with your help, I can have more time to communicate with you about my work.
Here at Patreon, you can change or cancel your pledge whenever you wish and if you are new to Patreon and curious about how it all works, click on link to check out the video HERE.

Ok, now the goodies, what I am offering

Definitely, several unique pieces of artwork every month and I will use lower quality images to promote the site. You will have access to high resolution images, desktop wallpapers and sketched ideas that come about along the way.

For those wanting to put down a few more doughnuts, more high quality art files, illustrations for printing and an inked illustration, depending on your pledge amount.

With your amazing support, I'll be able to create more artwork and share my exclusive insights and designs that will only be shared here with you. Make art a part of your everyday, make art breathe and live.

Thank you so much for the support and truly means a lot!

$9 of $50 per month
To devote more time to my personal projects, side ideas, and being able to create more work for you in these worlds we create together! Thanks so much!
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