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Early Page release and Wallpaper!
pages will come out one day early to patrons and every month I will make a wallpaper related to the current chapter and month!
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Development Sketches and Participation
Access to concept and process work for the comic as well as the ability to make suggestions for the comic!
I will release scans and captures of my scribblings in coming up with ideas for the comics as well as taking suggestions for characters and story elements for the comic!
the $1 tier rewards!
Limited (15 of 15 remaining)
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Physical zine style chapter comic!
I will self publish 8.5x11 books of individual chapters!  Spasecop started as a goofy little zine comic as a fun day project, why not let it still exist in that format as well!
the $1 and $5 tier rewards as well!
All rewards are priced with monthly caps in mind




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I am the creator of Spasecop, a webcomic that updates every Sunday.
Spasecop is a cop... in space... who cannot die.  Kinda. I mean he can die, but he comes back!
Spasecop is a comic of experimentation and exploration.  I have made comics before but nothing this big with a central theme.  The Patreon is set up for payments per page.  Thanks so much for stopping by this page.  You can check out some more of my work at chromadon.com
$0 of $50 per page
Instead of grayscale images I will introduce color to the comics!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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